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Watsonian Vice-counties of Great Britain
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Nonlinear optical parameters for InSb at 10.6 and 9.6 μm with microsecond pulses
Nonlinear optical parameters are found for intrinsic and n-doped indium antimonide by use of a hybrid cw–transversely excited atmosphere CO2 laser producing microsecond pulses. The Z-scan method isExpand
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Effects of water run-off and gradient on beaver in mountain streams
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Metribuzin metabolism by tomato cultivars with low, medium, and high levels of tolerance to metribuzin
Abstract Metribuzin [4-amino-6-tert-butyl-3-(methylthio)-as-triazine-5(4H)one] metabolism by the tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) cultivars UGA-1113MT, tolerant to metribuzin, H-7492Expand
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Static Electrification of Filaments: Effect of Filament Diameter
- A study was made of the effect of filament diameter on the charge transferred between filaments rubbed together under controlled ambient and mechanical conditions. Filaments of various diametersExpand
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Pulse Shaping in a Laser with an Irradiance-dependent Cavity Mirror
The effect of an irradiance-dependent cavity mirror on the shape of a laser pulse is considered in the context of the CO2 laser, using an InSb etalon as the mirror, with special reference to theExpand
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Dynamic Coherent Optical System
In this paper, we introduce a dynamic coherent optical system capable of yielding coherent images without the usual coherent artifacts such as noise and speckle. In addition, the dynamic coherentExpand
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Priorities for new source performance standards under the Clean Air Act amendments of 1977
The Clean Air Act (CAA) as amended provides the fundamental enabling legislation for controlling air pollution in the U.S. It provides a number of different mechanisms by which the federal governmentExpand
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