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Damage and loss caused by 'offa' (Rhyparochromus littoralis Dist.) [Heteroptera: Lygaeidae] on groundnut in song local government area of Adamawa state, Nigeria.
Field experiments were carried out in four out of six Districts of Song Local Government Area of Adamawa State in Nigeria. The objectives of this research were to establish the damage potential andExpand
Biology of the Groundnut Sucking Bug (Rhyparochromus Littoralis Dist.) (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae) On Groundnut in Yola, Adamawa State – Nigeria
Groundnut sucking bug, Rhyparochromus litotoralis (Dist.), is one of the most important postharvest field insect pests of groundnut in Northern Nigeria. The biology of R. littoralis was studied underExpand
The Effect of Groundnut Sucking Bug (Rhyparochromus littoralis Dist.) on the Oil Content of Groundnut Kernels on Two Groundnut Cultivars in Northern Nigeria
Field experiments were conducted in Kano and Yola in order to expose two (2) groundnut cultivars (Kampala(V 1 ) and KwachambaV 2 ) to the ravaging groundnut sucking bug ( Rhyparochromus littoralisExpand
Survey of The Abundance of ‘Offa’ The Groundnut Sucking Bug (Rhyparochromus Littoralis Dist) An Emerging Field Insect Pest of Groundnut in Adamawa Central Senatorial District, Adamawa State Nigeria
An intensive survey to determine the abundance of the groundnut sucking bug locally referred to as ‘offa’ an emerging post harvest field insect pest of groundnut was carried out in groundnut growingExpand