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Preputial gland tumor sterols. 3. A metabolic pathway from lanosterol to cholesterol.
Effect of alcohols and neutral salt on the thermal stability of soluble and precipitated acid-soluble collagen.
  • A. E. Russell
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The Biochemical journal
  • 1 February 1973
Experimental findings are discussed in terms of a model in which electrostatic and apolar interactions mainly govern the excess of stability in collagen fibrils whereas intrinsic stability of single molecules is a function of polar interactions and polypeptide-chain rigidity. Expand
In vitro activity of the interaction between taxifolin (dihydroquercetin) and pyrimethamine against Toxoplasma gondii
The IC50p ranges obtained for the individual and the combination of taxifolin with pyrimethamine inhibition of parasite growth were not cytotoxic to the infected HFF and Hek‐293 cell lines used, and these compounds combination should be investigated further using in vivo model of toxoplasmosis. Expand
Influence of Strong Acid Hydrolysis Processing on the Thermal Stability and Crystallinity of Cellulose Isolated from Wheat Straw
Cellulose extractions from wheat straw via hydrochloric, nitric, and sulfuric acid hydrolysis methods were carried out. X-ray diffraction spectral analyses reveal that depending on the acidExpand
Enhanced collagen renaturation in the presence of a lyotropic agent.
Creatine and creatinine in tissues and urine of mice with hereditary muscular dystrophy.
Dystrophic mice appeared to be able to remove injected creatine from the blood stream somewhat more rapidly than did normal mice and the concentration of creatine in liver and kidney was similar in dystrophic and normal mice. Expand
The decomposition of soluble collagen by γ-irradiation
1. The effect of γ-irradiation in the range 1 krad–10 Mrads on freeze-dried acid-soluble collagen was studied. 2. The specific-rotation and reduced-viscosity recoveries after heating and cooling ofExpand