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Dynamics of natural gas adsorption storage systems employing activated carbon
Various aspects of the dynamics of natural gas adsorption storage systems employing activated carbon are studied theoretically. The fast charge of the storage system is the first subject addressed.Expand
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Fixed‐bed adsorption of gases: Effect of velocity variations on transition types
In fixed-bed adsorption or desorption of gases, velocity variations accompany changes in gas composition, and these variations affect the transition types (spreading waves or shocks). A generalExpand
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Modeling strategies for enantiomers separation by SMB chromatography
Modeling strategies for simulated moving bed adsorbers were studied to compare the simulated moving bed model (SMB) that considers the real shift of the injection and collection points to the trueExpand
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Sorption-enhanced reaction process with reactive regeneration
Abstract Sorption-enhanced reaction process with reactive regeneration of adsorbent was proposed where the purge step is performed at a low temperature of 400°C (compared with the reactionExpand
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Diffusion and convection in chromatographic processes using permeable supports with a bidisperse pore structure
Abstract An analysis of chromatographic processes utilizing permeable particles with a bidisperse pore structure is presented. The analysis is restricted to the case of a pulse input of a linearlyExpand
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Experimental and modeling study of protein adsorption in expanded bed
Streamline DEAE is the first-generation adsorbent developed for expanded bed adsorption (low-density base matrix with wide particle size distribution and ligand sensitive to ionic strength and saltExpand
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Oxygen separation from air by PSA: modelling and experimental results: Part I: isothermal operation
This work presents an experimental and simulation study of a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) unit running a traditional Skarstrom cycle and a Skarstrom cycle with co-current equalisation for theExpand
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Importance of intraparticle convection in the performance of chromatographic processes
Abstract Large-pore materials are used in separation engineering as high-performance liquid chromatographic packings and adsorbents; however, they find also many applications in reaction engineeringExpand
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Production of rose geranium oil using supercritical fluid extraction
Abstract The present work aims to apply the supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) with carbon dioxide as a clean technology to extract the natural essential oil from a Portuguese-grown rose geranium (Expand
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Accurate Model for Predicting Adsorption of Olefins and Paraffins on MOFs with Open Metal Sites
Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have shown tremendous potential for challenging gas separation applications, an example of which is the separation of olefins from paraffins. Some of the mostExpand
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