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Prologue—Framing Public Life: A Bridging Model for Media Research
quality. The frame is not the same as its symbolic manifestation, which means we must get behind surface features to the generating principle that produced one way of framing a story, but is at workExpand
Television Shopping
The television shopping phenomenon is analyzed in terms of media system dependency theory. The analysis begins with a discussion of potential changes in structural relationships within the mediaExpand
Framing public life : perspectives on media and our understanding of the social world
Contents: W.A. Gamson, Foreword. Preface. S.D. Reese, O.H. Gandy, Jr., A.E. Grant, Introduction. S.D. Reese, Prologue--Framing Public Life: A Bridging Model for Media Research. Part I:Theoretical andExpand
Individual and network influences on the adoption and perceived outcomes of electronic messaging
Abstract Theories of organizational information processing and social influence are applied, using network analytical methods, to longitudinal data from a small government office surveyed immediatelyExpand
The Promise Fulfilled? An Empirical Analysis of Program Diversity on Television
The diversity of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) programming was found to be greater than theaverage diversity of basic cable, broadcast networks, and pay cable, but it was less than the average diversity of superstations. Expand
Reconceptualizing the role of habit: A new model of television audience activity
This paper explores the role played by habit in shaping audience behavior through an analysis of Nielsen audience data. Through the use of a structural equation model, comparisons, are made betweenExpand
The Structure of News Sources on Television: A Network Analysis of “CBS News,”“Nightline,”“MacNeil/Lehrer,” and “This Week with David Brinkley”
Behind the “conventional wisdom” of mainstream television news lies a structured pattern of sources: newsmakers, experts, and commentators. This study uses network analysis to examine theExpand
Understanding media convergence : the state of the field
1. Introduction: The Digital Revolution and Technological Convergence, August E. Grant 2. Organizational Convergence: The State of the Field, Camille Kraeplin & Carrie Criado 3. ConvergentExpand
Media Functionality and the Principle of Relative Constancy: An Explanation of the VCR Aberration
The introduction and diffusion of the videocassette recorder (VCR) coincided with an increase in consumer spending on mass media as a proportion of gross national product. This article attempts toExpand