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Characterizing the viscoelastic properties of thin hydrogel-based constructs for tissue engineering applications
We present a novel indentation method for characterizing the viscoelastic properties of alginate and agarose hydrogel based constructs, which are often used as a model system of soft biologicalExpand
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Nicotinic regulation of c-fos and osteopontin expression in human-derived osteoblast-like cells and human trabecular bone organ culture.
Long-term in vivo studies have highlighted smoking as a risk factor in postmenopausal osteoporosis, bone fracture incidence, and increased nonunion rates. In contrast, there are few data postulatingExpand
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Calcium‐channel activation and matrix protein upregulation in bone cells in response to mechanical strain
Femur‐derived osteoblasts cultured from rat femora were loaded with Fluo‐3 using the AM ester. A quantifiable stretch was applied and [Ca2+]i levels monitored by analysis of fluorescent imagesExpand
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Selective activation of mechanosensitive ion channels using magnetic particles
This study reports the preliminary development of a novel magnetic particle-based technique that permits the application of highly localized mechanical forces directly to specific regions of anExpand
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Optimization of dynamic culture conditions: effects on biosynthetic activities of chondrocytes grown in collagen sponges.
Application of mechanical stimulation, using dynamic bioreactors, is considered an effective strategy to enhance cellular behavior in load-bearing tissues. In this study, two types of perfusion modeExpand
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Quantification of acetaldehyde released by lung cancer cells in vitro using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry.
The production of volatile compounds from cancer cell lines in vitro has been investigated using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS). This technique enables on-line quantitativeExpand
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Tissue engineered bone using select growth factors: A comprehensive review of animal studies and clinical translation studies in man.
There is a growing socio-economic need for effective strategies to repair damaged bone resulting from disease, trauma and surgical intervention. Bone tissue engineering has received substantialExpand
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Investigation of optical coherence tomography as an imaging modality in tissue engineering.
Monitoring cell profiles in 3D porous scaffolds presents a major challenge in tissue engineering. In this study, we investigate optical coherence tomography (OCT) as an imaging modality to monitorExpand
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A multiscale analysis of nutrient transport and biological tissue growth in vitro.
In this paper, we consider the derivation of macroscopic equations appropriate to describe the growth of biological tissue, employing a multiple-scale homogenization method to accommodate explicitlyExpand
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Gelatin-Based Materials in Ocular Tissue Engineering
Gelatin has been used for many years in pharmaceutical formulation, cell culture and tissue engineering on account of its excellent biocompatibility, ease of processing and availability at low cost.Expand
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