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The Birds of Kerguelen Island
MY attention has been called to a review of Dr. Kidder's “Report on the Ornithology of Kerguelen Island” in NATURE of the 10th instant (p. 317, supra}. Will you kindly permit me to express regretExpand
Winter Gnats (Trichocera)
THE winter gnat (Trichocera hiemalis, D. G.) is one of the subjects of phenological observations undertaken by the Meteorological Society. Its appearance directly after long-continued frost, oftenExpand
Did Flowers Exist during the Carboniferous Epoch?
THE systematic position of the genus Breyeria, founded for the reception of a fossil insect, having formed the subject of a recen discussion in NATURE (vol. xix. pp. 554, 582), I have just visitedExpand
The Oldest Fossil Insects
I SHALL be glad if you will afford me an opportunity of explaining one or two personal matters referred to in p. 11 of Mr. Scudder's memoir on the Devonian Insects of New Brunswick, which wasExpand
I. First report of the naturalist attached to the transit-of-Venus expedition to Kerguelen’s Island, December 1874
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Dear Sir,—It is difficult, owing to the inexactness of the charts, to inform you of the positions of the Astronomical Stations in whose neighbourhood I have been able to work in this island. TheExpand