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Angular roughshark Oxynotus centrina (Squaliformes: Oxynotidae) in captivity feeding exclusively on elasmobranch eggs: an overlooked feeding niche or a matter of individual taste?
A specimen of angular roughshark Oxynotus centrina has been kept successfully in captivity for the first time. Over a period of 24 months, the specimen preyed exclusively on the contents ofExpand
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Accacoelium contortum (Trematoda: Accacoeliidae) a trematode living as a monogenean: morphological and pathological implications
BackgroundAccacoelium contortum (Rudolphi, 1819) Monticelli, 1893 is a frequent but poorly known trematode found on gills, pharynx and digestive tract of the ocean sunfish Mola mola (L.). AlthoughExpand
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Morphometric, molecular and ecological analyses of the parasites of the sharpsnout seabream Diplodus puntazzo Cetti (Sparidae) from the Spanish Mediterranean: implications for aquaculture.
One of the fish species with the highest potential for aquaculture is the sharpsnout seabream, Diplodus puntazzo Cetti. Among other aspects, the development of new fish cultures requires studies ofExpand
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First confirmed record of Mola sp. A in the western Mediterranean Sea: morphological, molecular and parasitological findings.
Recent molecular and morphological studies suggest the existence of at least three species of Mola (Mola spp. A, B and C). Currently, only Mola mola and Mola ramsayi are formally accepted and speciesExpand
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A New Species of Empruthotrema (Monogenea: Monocotylidae) from Pteromylaeus bovinus (Myliobatidae) from the Western Mediterranean
Abstract Empruthotrema chisholmae n. sp. is described from specimens recovered from a bull ray Pteromylaeus bovinus (Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1817) at the Oceanogràfic Aquarium in Valencia, Spain. TheExpand
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Fish Health and Fisheries, Implications for Stock Assessment and Management: The Mediterranean Example
Although fish health may influence key population-level processes, particularly those dealing with natural mortality, reproduction, and growth, which, in turn, affect stock productivity, littleExpand
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Molecular and Morphological Differentiation of Two Similar Species of Accacoeliidae (Digenea): Accacladocoelium macrocotyle and A. nigroflavum from Sunfish, Mola mola
Abstract:  In a study of 106 sunfish, Mola mola (L.), from Mediterranean waters, 2,731 worms, belonging to 2 congeneric species of accacoeliids, Accacladocoelium macrocotyle (Diesing, 1858) Robinson,Expand
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Taxonomic status and epidemiology of the mesoparasitic copepod Pennella balaenoptera in cetaceans from the western Mediterranean.
Pennella balaenoptera is a mesoparasitic copepod that has been reported in at least 17 cetacean species. Subtle morphological differences in the first antennae of adult females have been used toExpand