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Foreign Judges: Pacific Practice and Global Insights
The use of foreign judges is an exceptional phenomenon in world experience. That judges, particularly on a state’s highest courts, will be citizens is often taken for granted in academic andExpand
Women and Constitutions in Action
What is the significance of ‘the woman question’ to our understanding of constitutions in action? Recent work on women and constitution-building has focused on textual provisions for women’s equalityExpand
Management of the native sulphur deposits in the Carpathian Foredeep during the period 1953-1993
Intensive exploration and prospect works, carried out in the Carpathian Foredeep up to 1975, resulted in the discoveries o f new native sulphur deposits, enlarging the national sulphlate resources.Expand
Forge V Australian Securities and Investments Commission: The KABLE Principle and the Constitutional Validity of Acting Judges
In Forge v Australian Securities and Investments Commission1 the High Court considered whether the appointment of acting judges to a state Supreme Court was constitutionally permissible. By aExpand
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Australian Indigenous Constitutions: Recognition and Renewal
The Anglo-Australian legal system has not readily recognised Indigenous constitutions. The absence of such recognition does not, however, deny that Australia's Indigenous nations have hadExpand
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Stanisław Brzozowski on the ideal of the modern man
Stanisław Brzozowski formulated the ideal of modern man in the polemic with the contemporary man, who has ceased to believe in truth and moral values and is devoid of the will to act. For BrzozowskiExpand
Leaving a Legacy: The Omicron Delta Presidential Stole
Amnesty for Street Protesters
In the summer of 2019, protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong. After thousands of arrests for protest-related offences, the idea of an amnesty for those facing prosecution or convicted ofExpand