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The Last Glacial Maximum
The responses of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres differed significantly, which reveals how the evolution of specific ice sheets affected sea level and provides insight into how insolation controlled the deglaciation.
Forcing of the cold event of 8,200 years ago by catastrophic drainage of Laurentide lakes
The sensitivity of oceanic thermohaline circulation to freshwater perturbations is a critical issue for understanding abrupt climate change. Abrupt climate fluctuations that occurred during both
Late Wisconsinan and Holocene History of the Laurentide Ice Sheet
Eleven paleogeographic maps and a summary ice retreat map outline the history of advance, retreat, and readvances of the Laurentide Ice Sheet along with associated changes in proglacial drainage and
Holocene thermal maximum in the western Arctic (0-180°W)
History of sea ice in the Arctic