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Etymological Dictionary of the Altaic Languages
This comparative and etymological dictionary of the more than fifty languages traditionally classified as Altaic is arguably the most comprehensive, systematic work as yet on the subject. SubdividedExpand
Parallel evolution of genes and languages in the Caucasus region.
Overall, in the Caucasus region, unmatched levels of gene-language coevolution occurred within geographically isolated populations, probably due to its mountainous terrain. Expand
Genetic Heritage of the Balto-Slavic Speaking Populations: A Synthesis of Autosomal, Mitochondrial and Y-Chromosomal Data
The data suggest that genetic diversity of the present-day Slavs was predominantly shaped in situ, and a pattern of distribution of segments identical by descent between groups of East-West and South Slavs suggests shared ancestry or a modest gene flow between those two groups, which might derive from the historic spread of Slavic people. Expand
New trends in European studies on the Altaic problem
The paper discusses several general problems of present-day historical Altaistics, taking as a reference point the critical evaluation of two large monographs by Martine Robbeets — one on the AltaicExpand
The Impact of Genetics Research on Archaeology and Linguistics in Eurasia
The current impact that genetics is having on the fields of archaeology and historical linguistics across the Eurasian continent is outlined and evidence is provided that helps distinguish between instances involving significant migration from those effected by language shift with a minimal genetic trail. Expand
Deep Phylogenetic Analysis of Haplogroup G1 Provides Estimates of SNP and STR Mutation Rates on the Human Y-Chromosome and Reveals Migrations of Iranic Speakers
“clan-based” approach to estimating the mutation rate provides a third, middle way between direct farther-to-son comparisons and using archeologically known migrations, whose dates are subject to revision and of uncertain relationship to genetic events. Expand
Language and archeology: some methodological problems. 1. Indo-European and Altaic landscapes
The article is the first part of a larger work that represents an attempt to systematize our ideas on the natural environment and material culture of the Proto-Indo-Europeans. It is based on a moreExpand
First Workshop on Language Resources and Technologies for Turkic Languages Workshop Programme 14 : 00 – 14 : 10 Welcome 14
In this paper we report on the preliminary findings of our ongoing study on Turkish referring expressions used in situated dialogs. Situated dialogs of pairs of Turkish speakers were collected whileExpand