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A study on the Nepomorpha (Hemiptera) species of some provinces of Anatolia, Turkey, with new records of Anisops debilis perplexus Poisson, 1929 and Notonecta reuteri Hungerford, 1928
2* Summary In this study, 610 adults and 83 nymphs from the infraorder Nepomorpha (Hemiptera) were collected from 29 different localities in eastern Anatolia, the Black Sea region and Kelkit ValleyExpand
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Neurocutaneous melanosis associated with Dandy-Walker malformation
SummaryNeurocutaneous melanosis is an uncommon congenital disorder consisting of benign or malignant melanocytic tumors of the leptomeninges with large or numerous cutaneous congenital melanocyticExpand
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Morphometric examination of the styloid process by 3D-CT in patients with Eagle syndrome
This study aimed to obtain the length, medial-anterior angulation and basis-apex coordinates of the styloid process in patients with Eagle syndrome by three-dimensional computed tomography. ThisExpand
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Morphometric development of the tongue in fetal cadavers
Purpose The tongue is a specific organ for the sense of taste. It consists of the striated muscle and mucous membrane. Furthermore, it helps the functions of speech, chewing, and swallowing. In thisExpand
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Mammae Erraticae: A Case Report and Reappraisal of the Related Theories
AbstractExtra nipples and breast tissue outside the orthotopic location of the mammary glands are called polythelia and polymastia, respectively. Although the theory of mammary ridge remnants canExpand
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In reply to: “Dynamic imaging in suspected eagle syndrome”
First, thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond. Pain is one of the most common symptoms in Eagle Syn‐ drome (ES). This pain may indicate or spread to the ear, jaw and may occur as otalgiaExpand
Designing proficiency-oriented performance tasks for the 21st-century workplace written communication: An evidence-centered design approach
Abstract While contemplating a new online assessment framework for global corporations in Turkey, developers faced the dilemma of how to create a modern English for Specific Purpose (ESP) writingExpand
Chemical Changes in Strained Dairy Product Produced with Organic Milk by Using Kefir Grains and Yogurt Culture during Refrigerated Storage
Yogurt kulturu ve kefir tanesi, organik sut kullanilarak uretilen; suzme yeni bir urun uretimi amaclanmistir. Suzulmus urunde depolama boyunca (1., 7., 14., 21., 28. gunlerde) karbonhidrat ve organikExpand
Table Salt is An Alternative to Silver Nitrate Cautery for the Treatment of Umbilical Granuloma: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial
The aim of this prospective study explore a cheap and readily available alternative to silver nitrate cautery, with far-reaching implications for many populations with limited access to medical care.Expand