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Diagnostic and prognostic value of electrophysiologic tests in meralgia paresthetica
In this study, SNAP amplitude comparison was found to be more useful for diagnosis than SNCV and SEP latency comparisons, however the value of the SNAP amplitude on the affected side, just as the results of the other tests, was not finding to be predictive of the outcome. Expand
Acetabular fracture: long-term follow-up and factors associated with secondary implantation of total hip arthroplasty.
HYPOTHESIS The present study sought to determine long-term outcome in acetabular fracture and the factors associated with secondary implantation of a total hip arthroplasty and/or with poorExpand
Chronic calf pain in athletes due to sural nerve entrapment. A report of 18 cases.
The authors retrospectively analyzed the charts of 13 athletes who had sural nerve entrapment localized in the passage of the nerve through the superficial sural aponeurosis and the results were excellent in 9 limbs, good in 8 limbs (2 bilateral), and fair in 1 case. Expand
[Long head of the triceps brachii in axillary nerve injury: anatomy and clinical aspects].
Observed injuries to the axillary nerve with an associated paralysis of the long head of the triceps brachii were located proximally and were severe, deducting that associated LTB paralysis is a sign of poor prognosis. Expand
Peroneal Nerve Entrapment*
The postoperative recovery of motor function was good for thirty-three (87 per cent) of the thirty-eight patients who had had both sensory and motor symptoms preoperatively, and the recommend operative decompression when symptoms persist or recovery remains incomplete for three to four months, provided that the diagnosis has been confirmed with electrophysiological studies. Expand
AIDS and sexual behaviour in France
Condom use was most prevalent among those with multiple partners with 75% of multipartner homosexual men aged 18-44 years and more than 65% of men and 50% of women with multiple heterosexual partners using a condom at least once over the past year. Expand
Entrapment of the suprascapular nerve.
The symptomatic and functional outcome in this series confirmed the usefulness and safety of operative decompression for entrapment of the suprascapular nerve. Expand
Long-term results with Bankart procedure: a 26-year follow-up study of 50 cases.
At long-term follow-up, patients undergoing an open Bankart procedure for recurrent shoulder instability obtained a high percentage of shoulder stability, and reliably returned to high-level sports activities, however, 69% did show radiographic signs of osteoarthritis. Expand
Does the motor branch of the long head of the triceps brachii arise from the radial nerve?
Results reveal that the motor branch of the LHT seems to originate most often from the axillary nerve, which could be relevant for surgical treatment of traumatic nerve injuries. Expand
[Persistent radial palsy after humeral diaphyseal fracture: cause, treatment, and results. 30 operated cases].
The experience and data in the literature suggest that several factors could be involved in persistent radial palsy after humeral shaft fracture, and particular features observed in the series were nonunion and compression in the intermuscular septum. Expand