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IL-15 Regulates Homeostasis and Terminal Maturation of NKT Cells
Semi-invariant NKT cells are thymus-derived innate-like lymphocytes that modulate microbial and tumor immunity as well as autoimmune diseases. These immunoregulatory properties of NKT cells areExpand
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The Anti-Apoptotic Bcl-2 Family Member Mcl-1 Promotes T Lymphocyte Survival at Multiple Stages1
T lymphocyte development and function are tightly regulated by the intrinsic death pathway through members of the Bcl-2 family. Genetic studies have demonstrated that the Bcl-2 family member Mcl-1 isExpand
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Movement orientation by adult and juvenile Wood Frogs (Rana sylvatica) and American Toads (Bufo americanus) over multiple years.
—We conducted a four-year study of Wood Frogs (Rana sylvatica) and American Toads (Bufo americanus) occurring syntopically at a breeding site surrounded by different, but equally accessible, habitatExpand
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Cytokine-dependent and cytokine-independent roles for Mcl-1: genetic evidence for multiple mechanisms by which Mcl-1 promotes survival in primary T lymphocytes
Myeloid cell leukemia sequence-1 (Mcl-1) is a critical anti-apoptotic factor in T lymphocytes. However, in spite of the many pro-apoptotic proteins with proposed binding to Mcl-1, the specificExpand
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Mcl-1 promotes survival of thymocytes by inhibition of Bak in a pathway separate from Bcl-2
The antiapoptotic proteins Mcl-1 and Bcl-2 have been shown to be critical in T-cell development and homeostasis, but the precise mechanism by which these proteins function in T cells and other cellsExpand
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Apoptosis and autophagy in the regulation of T lymphocyte function
During the development and normal function of T lymphocytes, the cells are subject to several checkpoints at which they must “decide” to live or die. At these critical times and during homeostasis,Expand
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The Prolyl Isomerase Pin1 Modulates Development of CD8+ cDC in Mice
Background Pin1 has previously been described to regulate cells that participate in both innate and adaptive immunity. Thus far, however, no role for Pin1 has been described in modulatingExpand
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Transfer of CD8+ T Cell Memory Using Bcl-2 as a Marker
The processes that regulate T cell memory generation are important for therapeutic design and the immune response to disease. However, what allows a subset of effector T cells to survive theExpand
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Coordinated Assembly of the Bacillus anthracis Coat and Exosporium during Bacterial Spore Outer Layer Formation
This work dramatically improves our understanding of the assembly of the outermost layer of the B. anthracis spore, the exosporium, a layer that encases spores from many bacterial species and likelyExpand
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Colorectal Cancer Screening in Greenland - An Economic Model
: 1.039_HHR New Roads and Orthopedic Trauma in Rural Haiti D.L. Eisenson, N. Thomas, M. Boyajian, A. Bowder, L. Ward, G. Dyer, S. Sullivan; Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Providence, USA,Expand
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