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The ade4 Package: Implementing the Duality Diagram for Ecologists
The ade4 package for the statistical environment proposes a great number of multivariate methods. Expand
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The ade4 package - I : One-table methods
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Revealing cryptic spatial patterns in genetic variability by a new multivariate method
Increasing attention is being devoted to taking landscape information into account in genetic studies. Among landscape variables, space is often considered as one of the most important. To revealExpand
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Community ecology in the age of multivariate multiscale spatial analysis
Species spatial distributions are the result of population demography, behavioral traits, and species interactions in spatially heterogeneous environmental conditions. Hence the composition ofExpand
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Genetic markers in the playground of multivariate analysis
Multivariate analyses such as principal component analysis were among the first statistical methods employed to extract information from genetic markers. From their early applications to currentExpand
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Frequency-dependent maintenance of left handedness in humans
The percentage (10-13%) of left handedness in humans has apparently not changed since the Neolithic. Left handedness is heritable and appears to be repeatedly associated with some reduced fitnessExpand
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Leg strength and stiffness as ability factors in 100 m sprint running.
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to determine the importance of leg strength and stiffness relative to i) 100 m sprint performance, ii) mean speed on the three phases of the 100 m raceExpand
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From dissimilarities among species to dissimilarities among communities: a double principal coordinate analysis.
This paper presents a new ordination method to compare several communities containing species that differ according to their taxonomic, morphological or biological features. The objective is first toExpand
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On the challenge of treating various types of variables: application for improving the measurement of functional diversity
Functional diversity is at the heart of current research in the field of conservation biology. Most of the indices that measure diversity depend on variables that have various statistical types (e.g.Expand
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