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Myorod, a thick filament protein in molluscan smooth muscles: isolation, polymerization and interaction with myosin
It is found that, in spite of the identity of filament-forming domains, the properties of polymeric myorod are clearly distinct from those of myosin and myosIn rod, which is much more soluble at intermediate ionic strength.
Sperm ultrastructure in representatives of six bivalve families from Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan
The morphology of sperm testified to the correct attribution of the Crassostreidae family as a synonym to the Ostreidae family.
Morphology of gametes in sea urchins from Peter The Great Bay, Sea of Japan
The fine structure of the gametes in six sea urchin species of the Sea of Japan was studied. The sperm in Strongylocentrotus nudus, S. intermedius, Echinocardium cordatum, Scaphechinus mirabilis, Sc.
Gamete Structure and Fertilization in the Barents Sea Sponge Leucosolenia complicata
The ultrastructure of male and female gametes of asconoid sponge Leucosolenia complicata, a hermaphrodite species that reproduces in autumn, is described and the transformation of a seized spermium into a spermiocyst was connected with the rapid isolation of the spermium nucleus from the protein body.
The Sperm Ultrastructure and Some Reproductive Characteristics of the Chemosymbiotic Bivalve Calyptogena pacifica Dall, 1891 (Vesicomyidae: Pliocardiinae)
The ultrastructure of spermatozoa and the state of the gonads in the pliocardiine bivalve Calyptogena pacifica in June 2016 were studied and indicated a pre-spawning state.
[Comparative study of the physico-chemical properties of chitosans with varying degree of polymerization in neutral aqueous solutions].
It was found that the high-molecular-weight chitosan has a higher constant of binding to the anionic dye tropeoline 000-II, which can be explained by different conformations of their macromolecules in solution.
Morphology of Gametes and Insemination in the Vestimentiferan Riftia pachyptila
Ultrastructure of gametes (sperm and eggs) of vestimentiferan tubeworms and external-internal insemination by means of spermatozeugmata in Riftia pachyptila were described. The spermatozoa of Riftia