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Measuring Globalisation: Gauging Its Consequences
Towards an Understanding of the Concept of Globalisation.- The Measurement of Globalisation.- Consequences of Globalisation Reconsidered: Applying The KOF Index.- Conclusion.
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Does globalization affect growth? Evidence from a new index of globalization
The study develops an index of globalization covering its three main dimensions: economic integration, social integration, and political integration. Using panel data for 123 countries in 1970–2000Expand
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Corruption and the shadow economy: an empirical analysis
This paper analyzes the influence of the shadow economy on corruption and vice versa. We hypothesize that corruption and the shadow economy are substitutes in high income countries while they areExpand
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IMF and Economic Growth: The Effects of Programs, Loans, and Compliance with Conditionality
In theory, the IMF could influence economic growth via several channels, among them advice to policy makers, money disbursed under its programs, and its conditionality. This paper tries toExpand
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The Influence of Globalization on Taxes and Social Policy - an Empirical Analysis for OECD Countries
Using panel regression for the period 1970-2000 the paper analyzes whether globalization has influenced the OECD countries’ social and overall spending as well as their tax rates on labor,Expand
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Development Aid and International Politics: Does Membership on the UN Security Council Influence World Bank Decisions?
We investigate whether temporary members of the UN Security Council receive favorable treatment from the World Bank, using panel data for 157 countries over the period 1970-2004. Our results indicateExpand
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Aid on Demand: African Leaders and the Geography of China's Foreign Assistance
This article investigates whether China's foreign aid is particularly prone to political capture by political leaders of aid-receiving countries. Specifically, we examine whether more Chinese aid isExpand
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Apples and Dragon Fruits: The Determinants of Aid and Other Forms of State Financing from China to Africa
Chinese “aid” is a lightning rod for criticism. Policymakers, journalists, and public intellectuals claim that Beijing is using its largesse to cement alliances with political leaders, secure accessExpand
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Does Aid for Education Educate Children? Evidence from Panel Data
This paper empirically analyzes the impact of aid on education for about 100 countries over the period 1970-2005. We estimate a system of equations to test whether and to what extent the impact ofExpand
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Aid, China, and Growth: Evidence from a New Global Development Finance Dataset
This paper introduces a new dataset of official financing — including foreign aid and other forms of concessional and non-concessional state financing — from China to 138 countries between 2000 andExpand
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