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Industrial preparation of phosphonium ionic liquids
While a great deal of attention has been given to imidazolium ionic liquids in recent years, very few investigations involving phosphonium ionic liquids have been reported in the journal literature.Expand
Structural Studies of Crystalline 1-Alkyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride Salts
The structures of three long alkyl chain imidazolium chloride salts have been determined by X-ray diffraction; one of the salts was isolated as two polymorphs. These compounds consist of regionsExpand
Structural Features of Lithium Organoborates
The NMR and crystallographic characterization of lithium bis[salicylato(2-)]borate, Li(BSB), and lithium bis[1,2-benzenediolato(2-)-O,O‘]borate, Li(BBB), are reported. The single-strand polymerExpand
Avoid the 'catch-22' in outsourcing
A catch-22 generally is regarded as a no-win situation that uses self-contradictory circular logic. For instance, you may need a pass to enter a particular building, but in order to get a pass youExpand
Predicting Supply Chain Dyadic Relationship Success: A Qualitative Study of Dyads in Australia
Supply chain dyadic relationships are considered important to effective supply chain management. Hence measuring the state of supply chain dyadic relationships (SCDR) between a buyer and a supplierExpand