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Permian-Jurassic strata at Productus Creek, Southland, New Zealand: Implications for terrane dynamics of the eastern Gondwanaland margin
Abstract An area in the Wairaki Hills lying to the east of the Takitimu Mountains and extending from the vicinity of the Wairaki River south to near Ohai is described. The area straddles the faultedExpand
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The level of deterrence provided by data from the SPITS seismometer array to possible violations of the Comprehensive Test Ban in the Novaya Zemlya region
SUMMARY The yield threshold at which a fully decoupled explosion can be identified has been a recurring issue in the debate on whether the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban (CTB) can be adequatelyExpand
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Quantitative analysis of hyaluronan in vitreous humor using capillary electrophoresis
Capillary electrophoresis was used for the separation and quantitative analysis of the glycosaminoglycan hyaluronan in human and bovine vitreous with detection by UV absorbance at 200 nm. CalibrationExpand
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Bandpass filtering to reduce noise on seismograms: Is there a better way?
Abstract Short-period (SP) P waves at low signal-to-noise ratios (S/Ns) usually appear as signals of about 1 Hz or higher frequencies riding on background noise with frequencies of 0.5 Hz or less.Expand
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The Source Mechanism of the Athens Earthquake, September 7, 1999, Estimated from P Seismograms Recorded at Long Range
On 7 September, 1999, an earthquake (5.8 mbUSGS)took place about 20 km from the centre of Athens, until then a seismically quiet region ofeastern Greece. Considerable damage ranging from rock fallsExpand
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Observations of Q from the Northwest Pacific Subduction Zone Recorded at Teleseismic Distances
Twenty-seven earthquakes in the northwest Pacific, with mb ≧ 5.4, are used to study upper-mantle attenuation. The data were recorded at seismometer arrays in Australia, Canada, India, and Scotland.Expand
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The seismic disturbance of 1976 March 20, elast Kazakhstan: earthquake or explosions?
Summary. On 1976 March 20 a seismic disturbance took place near an explosion test-site in East Kazakhstan, USSR: on the mb:Ms criterion this disturbance is identified as an earthquake. However, itExpand
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Detection and quantitation of talc on latex condoms
Abstract Condoms were analyzed for the presence of talc. Surface washing and analysis of washed powder by scanning electron microscopy showed that levels of talc below 1 mg/condom can be detected.
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Comment on "Unexplained Sets of Seismographic Station Reports and a Set Consistent with a Quark Nugget Passage" by David P. Anderson, Eugene T. Herrin, Vigdor L. Teplitz, and Ileana M. Tibuleac
Anderson et al. (2003) interpret a set of unassociated seismic arrivals observed on 24 November 1993 as a line source, which they claim is consistent with the passage of a “strange quark nugget”Expand
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