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Effects of low doses and low dose rates of external ionizing radiation: cancer mortality among nuclear industry workers in three countries.
Studies of the mortality among nuclear industry workforces have been carried out, and nationally combined analyses performed, in the U.S., the UK and Canada. This paper presents the results ofExpand
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Referral for menstrual problems: cross sectional survey of symptoms, reasons for referral, and management
Abstract Objectives: To describe the menstrual experience of women referred for menstrual problems, in particular menorrhagia (excessive menstrual loss), and to assess associations with reasons forExpand
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Gene expression in clonally derived cell lines produced by in vitro transformation of rat fetal hepatocytes: isolation of cell lines which retain liver-specific markers.
The pattern of gene expression in fetal hepatocytes transformed in culture with a hepatocarcinogen (FRL cells) is studied with respect to a range of markers which are either developmentally regulatedExpand
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Effects related to synchrony and repertoire in perceptions of robot dance
In this work we identify low-level aspects of robot motion that can be exploited to create impressions of agency and lifelikeness. Expand
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Determining broad scale associations between air pollutants and urban forestry: A novel multifaceted methodological approach.
Global urbanisation has resulted in population densification, which is associated with increased air pollution, mainly from anthropogenic sources. One of the systems proposed to mitigate urban airExpand
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Does plant species selection in functional active green walls influence VOC phytoremediation efficiency?
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are of public concern due to their adverse health effects. Botanical air filtration is a promising technology for reducing indoor air contaminants, but theExpand
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The distribution of green walls and green roofs throughout Australia: Do policy instruments influence the frequency of projects?
Abstract Green roofs and green walls are gaining popularity as a means of mitigating a range of environmental impacts associated with urbanisation. Although this technology has been widelyExpand
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A Comparative Study on the Teaching Competency between Novice and Veteran Teachers in the Teaching Learning Process of Secondary School of Bilaspur City Chhattisgarh
Education in the broadest sense of the term is meant to aid the human being in his/her pursuit of wholeness. Wholeness implies the harmonious development of all the potentialities God has given to aExpand
Mapping Urban Aerosolized Fungi: Predicting Spatial and Temporal Indoor Concentrations
The prediction of bioaerosols, specifically airborne fungi, can be achieved using various mapping techniques, potentially enabling the determination of ambient indoor concentrations withinExpand