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Partial characterization of a new adenovirus lineage discovered in testudinoid turtles.
In the USA and in Hungary, almost simultaneously, adenoviruses of a putative novel lineage were detected by PCR and sequencing in turtles belonging to four different species (including twoExpand
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Molecular confirmation of a new herpesvirus from catfish (Ameiurus melas) by testing the performance of a novel PCR method, designed to target the DNA polymerase gene of alloherpesviruses
A PCR method with consensus degenerate primers was developed for the detection of herpesviruses (HVs) of anamnia. Compared to previously published PCRs, targeting the DNA polymerase gene of fish HVs,Expand
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Atlantic salmon papillomatosis in Russia and molecular characterization of the associated herpesvirus.
Papillomatosis of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar has been reported for decades in Russia, Scandinavia and Scotland. The disease is typically benign although heavy losses have occasionally been reported.Expand
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Alloherpesviruses of Fish
The family Alloherpesviridae includes herpesviruses of fish and amphibians. This group of viruses are phylogenetically distant from the better characterized herpesviruses found in birds and mammals.Expand
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Partial genome characterization of acipenserid herpesvirus 2: taxonomical proposal for the demarcation of three subfamilies in Alloherpesviridae
Sequencing of approximately one half of the genome of acipenserid herpesvirus 2 (AciHV-2), which is a member of the genus Ictalurivirus in the family Alloherpesviridae, revealed that the geneExpand
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Full genome sequence of a novel circo-like virus detected in an adult European eel Anguilla anguilla showing signs of cauliflower disease.
An adult European eel Anguilla anguilla, showing typical signs of the so-called cauliflower disease, was subjected to pathological and molecular virological examinations. Samples taken from internalExpand
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Molecular Characterization of a Lizard Adenovirus Reveals the First Atadenovirus with Two Fiber Genes and the First Adenovirus with Either One Short or Three Long Fibers per Penton
ABSTRACT Although adenoviruses (AdVs) have been found in a wide variety of reptiles, including numerous squamate species, turtles, and crocodiles, the number of reptilian adenovirus isolates is stillExpand
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Comparative Analysis of a Conserved Gene Block from the Genome of the Members of the Genus Ictalurivirus
Objective: Partial genome sequences were determined and subjected to comparative analyses from two fish herpesviruses (HVs). Acipenserid (Aci) HV-2, originating from the white sturgeon (AcipenserExpand
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Molecular detection and genome analysis of circoviruses of European eel (Anguilla anguilla) and sichel (Pelecus cultratus).
The prevalence and distribution of piscine circoviruses (CVs) were tested in a routine virus monitoring programme in Lake Balaton, Hungary. A high prevalence of European eel CV (EeCV) was found inExpand
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