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Synchronization in hybrid neuronal networks of the hippocampal formation.
Understanding the mechanistic bases of neuronal synchronization is a current challenge in quantitative neuroscience. We studied this problem in two putative cellular pacemakers of the mammalianExpand
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Real-Time Linux Dynamic Clamp: A Fast and Flexible Way to Construct Virtual Ion Channels in Living Cells
We describe a system for real-time control of biological and other experiments. Expand
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Deep brain stimulation alleviates parkinsonian bradykinesia by regularizing pallidal activity.
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) of the basal ganglia can alleviate the motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease although the therapeutic mechanisms are unclear. We hypothesize that DBS relieves symptoms byExpand
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Stimulus features underlying reduced tremor suppression with temporally patterned deep brain stimulation.
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) provides dramatic tremor relief when delivered at high-stimulation frequencies (more than ∼100 Hz), but its mechanisms of action are not well-understood. Previous studiesExpand
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Hard real-time closed-loop electrophysiology with the Real-Time eXperiment Interface (RTXI)
The Real-Time eXperiment Interface (RTXI) is an open source software platform for achieving hard real-time data acquisition and closed-loop control in biological experiments while retaining the flexibility needed for experimental settings. Expand
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Deep brain stimulation reduces neuronal entropy in the MPTP-primate model of Parkinson's disease.
High-frequency stimulation (HFS) of the subthalamic nucleus (STN) or internal segment of the globus pallidus is a clinically successful treatment for the motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease.Expand
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Optimized programming algorithm for cylindrical and directional deep brain stimulation electrodes.
We propose an algorithm to automate DBS programming in near real-time for a wide range of DBS lead designs. Expand
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Probability distributions of the logarithm of inter-spike intervals yield accurate entropy estimates from small datasets
  • A. Dorval
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • Journal of Neuroscience Methods
  • 15 August 2008
The maximal information that the spike train of any neuron can pass on to subsequent neurons can be quantified as the neuronal firing pattern entropy. Difficulties associated with estimating entropyExpand
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Channel Noise is Essential for Perithreshold Oscillations in Entorhinal Stellate Neurons
Previous experimental and computational work (for review, see White et al., 2000) has suggested that channel noise, generated by the stochastic flicker of voltage-gated ion channels, can be a majorExpand
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Tremor varies as a function of the temporal regularity of deep brain stimulation
The frequency of stimulation is one of the primary factors determining the effectiveness of deep brain stimulation (DBS) in relieving tremor. DBS efficacy, however, may depend not only on the averageExpand
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