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Separation of recollision mechanisms in nonsequential strong field double ionization of Ar: the role of excitation tunneling.
Vector momentum distributions of two electrons created in double ionization of Ar by 25 fs, 0.25 PW/cm(2) laser pulses at 795 nm have been measured using a "reaction microscope." At this intensity,Expand
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Few-photon multiple ionization of ne and ar by strong free-electron-laser pulses.
Few-photon multiple ionization of Ne and Ar atoms by strong vacuum ultraviolet laser pulses from the free-electron laser at Hamburg was investigated differentially with the Heidelberg reactionExpand
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Electron-impact ionization of helium: A comprehensive experiment benchmarks theory
Single ionization of helium by 70.6-eV electron impact is studied in a comprehensive experiment covering a major part of the entire collision kinematics and the full 4{pi} solid angle for the emittedExpand
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Exploring sub-femtosecond correlated dynamics with an ultra-low energy electrostatic storage ring
Whereas the three‐body Coulomb problem for single excitation and ionization was claimed to be solved in a mathematically correct way during 1999 until 2004 for electron impact on hydrogen and helium,Expand
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Projectile-charge sign dependence of four-particle dynamics in helium double ionization.
Double ionization of helium by 6 MeV proton impact has been explored in a kinematically complete experiment using a "reaction microscope." For the first time, fully differential cross sections forExpand
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Tracing multiple scattering patterns in absolute (e,2e) cross sections for H2 and He over a 4π solid angle
Absolutely normalized (e,2e) measurements for H{sub 2} and He covering the full solid angle of one ejected electron are presented for 16 eV sum energy of both final state continuum electrons. ForExpand
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Laser-assisted electron-impact ionization of atoms
Abstract Fast, 1 keV electron–helium collisions performed in an intense ( 4 × 1 0 12  W/cm2), non-resonant laser field were investigated realizing the first experiment for laser-assisted ionization.Expand
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Non-sequential double ionization of Ne in intense laser pulses: a coincidence experiment.
The dynamics of Neon double ionization by 25 fs, 1.0 PW/cm 2 laser pulses at 795 nm has been studied in a many particle coincidence experiment. The momentum vectors of all ejected atomic fragmentsExpand
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Canadian peacekeeping: Proud tradition, strong future?
  • A. Dorn
  • Political Science
  • 1 January 2005
Peacekeeping has a place of pride in the Canadian national identity. Canadians feel that their nation is a natural leader in this international endeavour. How is this national identity expressed, andExpand
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The Justifications for War and Peace in World Religions
Abstract : One of the most important decisions of any nation or armed group is when, if ever, to wage war or apply armed force. Such life-and-death judgements are informed by and sometimes determinedExpand
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