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Write off-loading: Practical power management for enterprise storage
In enterprise data centers power usage is a problem impacting server density and the total cost of ownership. Storage uses a significant fraction of the power budget and there are no widely deployedExpand
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Using Magpie for Request Extraction and Workload Modelling
Tools to understand complex system behaviour are essential for many performance analysis and debugging tasks, yet there are many open research problems in their development. Magpie is a toolchain forExpand
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Sierra: practical power-proportionality for data center storage
Online services hosted in data centers show significant diurnal variation in load levels. Thus, there is significant potential for saving power by powering down excess servers during the troughs.Expand
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Symbiotic routing in future data centers
Building distributed applications that run in data centers is hard. The CamCube project explores the design of a shipping container sized data center with the goal of building an easier platform onExpand
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Migrating server storage to SSDs: analysis of tradeoffs
Recently, flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs) have become standard options for laptop and desktop storage, but their impact on enterprise server storage has not been studied. Provisioning serverExpand
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Fast byte-granularity software fault isolation
Bugs in kernel extensions remain one of the main causes of poor operating system reliability despite proposed techniques that isolate extensions in separate protection domains to contain faults. WeExpand
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Camdoop: Exploiting In-network Aggregation for Big Data Applications
Large companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft as well as a number of small and medium enterprises daily process massive amounts of data in batch jobs and in real time applications. ThisExpand
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Everest: Scaling Down Peak Loads Through I/O Off-Loading
Bursts in data center workloads are a real problem for storage subsystems. Data volumes can experience peak I/O request rates that are over an order of magnitude higher than average load. ThisExpand
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Pelican: A Building Block for Exascale Cold Data Storage
A significant fraction of data stored in cloud storage is rarely accessed. This data is referred to as cold data; cost-effective storage for cold data has become a challenge for cloud providers.Expand
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Sierra: a power-proportional, distributed storage system
We present the design, implementation, and evaluation of Sierra: a power-proportional, distributed storage system. I/O workloads in data centers show significant diurnal variation, with peak andExpand
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