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Pleistocene burrows in the Mar del Plata area [Argentina] and their probable builders
Structures discovered near Mar del Plata are attributed to palaeoburrows built by fossil animals on the basis of moqphological patterns, transgressive boundaries in relation to the sedimentary units,
A New Mesembriornithinae (Aves, Phorusrhacidae) Provides New Insights Into the Phylogeny and Sensory Capabilities of Terror Birds
A new terror bird from the late Pliocene of Argentina is reported, represented by the most complete articulated skeleton of one yet found, and the phylogenetic analysis places this taxon among derived phorusrhacids (Mesembriornithinae).
First Record of Puma concolor (Mammalia, Felidae) in the Early-Middle Pleistocene of South America
The first unequivocal record of Puma concolor prior to late Pleistocene times in South America is reported and anatomical analysis demonstrates that MMP 1476-M perfectly matches with the morphology of living puma specimens.
First report of a South American short-faced bears' den (Arctotherium angustidens): palaeobiological and palaeoecological implications
Here we report the first example of associated short-faced bear fossils from South America. The specimens represent three individuals referable to the Ensenadan (early to middle Pleistocene) species