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Haldane phase in one-dimensional topological Kondo insulators
We investigate the ground-state properties of a recently proposed model for a topological Kondo insulator in one dimension (i.e., the p-wave Kondo-Heisenberg lattice model) by means of theExpand
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Dislocation lines as the precursor of the melting of crystalline solids observed in Monte Carlo simulations.
The microscopic mechanism of the melting of a crystal is analyzed by the constant-pressure Monte Carlo simulation of a Lennard-Jones fcc system. Beyond a temperature of the order of 0.8 of theExpand
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Pressure dependence of the melting mechanism at the limit of overheating in Lennard-Jones crystals
We study the pressure dependence of the melting mechanism of a surface free Lennard-Jones crystal by constant pressure Monte Carlo simulation. The difference between the overheatingExpand
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Spectral gap induced by structural corrugation in armchair graphene nanoribbons
AGNRs can be either metallic or semiconductor, depending on their width 8 . However, experiments suggest that AGNR are always insulators with a gap that scale with the inverse of its width 9 . TheExpand
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Role of atomic vacancies and boundary conditions on ballistic thermal transport in graphene nanoribbons
Quantum thermal transport in armchair and zigzag graphene nanoribbons is investigated in the presence of single atomic vacancies and subject to different boundary conditions. We start with a fullExpand
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Monte Carlo simulation of the role of defects as a melting mechanism
We study in this paper the melting transition of a crystal of a fcc structure with the Lennard-Jones potential, by using isobaric-isothermal Monte Carlo simulations. Local and collective updates areExpand
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Magnetization plateaus induced by a coupling to the lattice.
We present a novel mechanism for the appearance of magnetization plateaus in quasi-one-dimensional quantum spin systems, which is induced by the coupling to the underlying lattice. We investigate inExpand
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Bending mode fluctuations and structural stability of graphene nanoribbons
Fil: Scuracchio, Pablo Martin. Universidad Nacional de Rosario. Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Ingenieria y Agrimensura; Argentina. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas. CentroExpand
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Numerical Study of the Incommensurate Phase in Spin-Peierls Systems
We analyze several properties of the lattice solitons in the incommensurate phase of spin-Peierls systems using exact diagonalization and quantum Monte Carlo simulations. These systems are modeled byExpand
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