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Low-temperature selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 over Mn-containing catalysts
Abstract Mn-containing catalysts exhibit a high NOx conversion in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) with NH3. Their high activity (80–100%) covers a broad temperature range (195–600 °C). 100% N2Expand
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3D morphology of Au and Au@Ag nanobipyramids.
The morphologies of Au and Au@Ag nanobipyramids were investigated using electron tomography. The 3D reconstruction reveals that the Au bipyramids have an irregular six-fold twinning structure withExpand
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DeNOx activity–TPD correlations of NH3-SCR catalysts
Abstract A series of Mn-exchanged zeolite catalysts was tested for its DeNO x activity in ammonia selective catalytic reduction (NH 3 -SCR) reactions. Activity was found to depend strongly on metalExpand
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Development and application of the Oxide Stress Separation technique for the measurement of ONO leakage currents at low electric fields in 40 nm floating gate embedded-flash memory
A new technique, Oxide Stress Separation (OSS), has been proposed for the evaluation of low and medium-field leakage currents across the ONO inter-gate dielectric. Expand
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Multi-Scale Modeling of the Dynamics of a Fibrous Reactor: Use of an Analytical Solution at the Micro-Scale to Avoid the Spatial Discretization of the Intra-Fiber Space
Direct modeling of time-dependent transport and reactions in realistic heterogeneous systems, in a manner that considers the evolution of the quantities of interest in both, the macro-scaleExpand
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Mémoires embarquées non volatiles à grille flottante : challenges technologiques et physiques pour l’augmentation des performances vers le noeud 28nm
Les memoires flash sont integrees dans presque tous les aspects de la vie moderne car leurs uns et zeros representent les donnees stockees sur les cartes a puce et dans les capteurs qui nousExpand
Evaluation of ONO compatibility with high-k metal gate stacks for future embedded flash products
Embedded flash memories having high-k metal gate-based logic devices will require modifications to the flash cells in order to remain economically feasible. One potential integration scheme is toExpand
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A Multi-Scale, Semi-Analytical Model for Transient Heat Transfer in a Nano-Composite Containing Spherical Inclusions
This paper presents a semi-analytical model for transient heat conduction in a composite material reinforced with small spherical inclusions. Essential to the derivation of the model is theExpand
A multi-scale model for Transport and Reaction in Heterogeneous Porous Media
Many practical problems in engineering occur over time and length scales that differ by many orders of magnitude. This makes the application of direct numerical approaches for the prediction of theirExpand