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Globalism and the Politics of Place
Global Modernity: Modernity in the Age of Global Capitalism
This article offers the concept of `global modernity' (in the singular) as a way to understand the contemporary world. It suggests that the concept helps overcome the teleology implicit in a term s...
The Global in the Local
Global South: Predicament and Promise
This essay explores possibilities for the establishment of a new global order, in which the Global South may play a central part. It traces the emergence of the concept historically, with specialExpand
Chinese History and the Question of Orientalism
The discussion develops Edward Said's thesis of orientialism. Said approached "orientalism" as a construction of Asia by Europeans, and a problem in Euro-American modernity. This essay argues that,Expand
Rethinking Colonialism: Globalization, Postcolonialism, And The Nation
This article seeks to view colonialism in a historical perspective, including the perspective of the future. It argues that, in spite of the devastation it has wrought globally, colonialism hasExpand
The Postcolonial Aura: Third World Criticism In The Age Of Global Capitalism
  • A. Dirlik
  • Political Science, History
  • 22 January 1998
Postcoloniality and the perspective of history culturalism as hegemonic ideology and liberating practice the postcolonial aura - Third World criticism in the age of global capitalism the global inExpand
Lost Worlds: Environmental Disaster, “Culture Loss,” and the Law
Indigenous claims about culture loss pose a problem for contemporary definitions of culture as a process that continually undergoes change rather than something which can he damaged or lost. ThisExpand