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The Institutional Economics of Water: A Cross-Country Analysis of Institutions and Performance
This book provides a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of water reform and water sector performance from the perspectives of institutional economics and political economy. It integratesExpand
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The distributional impact of climate change on rich and poor countries
This paper examines the impact of climate change on rich and poor countries across the world. We measure two indices of the relative impact of climate across countries, impact per capita, and impactExpand
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Climate, Water, and Agriculture
This study explores the interaction between climate, water, and agriculture. We test whether surface water withdrawal can help explain the variation of farm values across the United States andExpand
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The impact of climate change on China's agriculture.
This article examines how expected changes in climate are likely to affect agriculture in China. The effects of temperature and precipitation on net crop revenues are analyzed using cross-sectionalExpand
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Will African Agriculture Survive Climate Change
Measurement of the likely magnitude of the economic impact of climate change on African agriculture has been a challenge. Using data from a survey of more than 9,000 farmers across 11 AfricanExpand
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Climate Change, Agriculture, and Developing Countries: Does Adaptation Matter?
Most developing countries depend heavily on agriculture; the effects of global warming on productive croplands are likely to threaten both the welfare of the population and the economic developmentExpand
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Water Allocation Mechanisms: Principles and Examples
From the earliest times, water resources have been allocated on the basis of social criteria -maintaining the community by ensuring that water is available for human consumption, for sanitation, andExpand
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The political economy of water pricing reforms
This book comprises two parts that attempt to explain the political economy of water pricing reforms. The three sections of part 1 provide the theoretical and empirical foundation to the approach ofExpand
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Evaluating the impact of agricultural extension on farms' performance in Crete: a nonneutral stochastic frontier approach
This article attempts to integrate the production- and the efficiency-based approaches for evaluating the impact of extension on farms' performance. For this purpose the nonneutral productionExpand
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Economics of reservoir sedimentation and sustainable management of dams.
Accepted practice has been to design and operate reservoirs to fill with sediment, generating benefits from remaining storage over a finite period of time. The consequences of sedimentation andExpand
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