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[New possibilities of extremity revascularization in chronic ischemia: neoangiogenesis induced by exposure to high-intensive laser (an experimental study)].
: The present work analyzes the results of an experimental study concerned with the treatment of chronic extremity ischemia. The experiments were carried out on 29 mongrel dogs. Chronic ischemia ofExpand
[Repeated surgical treatment of varicosity: the causes and specific features].
: The paper is concerned with repeated surgical treatment for varicosity. The studies were carried out of the efficacy of surgical treatment at the specialized angio-surgical and general surgeryExpand
[Remote results of using prostaglandins E1 and immunotherapy in combined modality treatment of various-aetiology trophic ulcers].
: The purpose of this study was to assess short- and long-term efficacy of combined-modality therapy (comprising PGE1-group preparations and immunocorrection) used to treat indolent trophic ulcers inExpand
[A new method of treatment of chronic ischemia of extremities with the primary lesion of the distal arterial bed (experimental-clinical investigation)].
: Experimental investigations (in 26 dogs) and clinical observations (57 patients) have shown the possibility to improve peripheral circulation in cases of occlusion of the arteries of lowerExpand
Reconstructive surgery of carotid arteries in patients over 70 years old
: Analysed herein are the immediate outcomes of primary reconstructive operations on carotid arteries performed in conditions of regional anaesthesia in patients over 70 years old and those youngerExpand
[Endoscopic dissection of perforating veins: surgical and pharamacoeconomic aspects].
Analysed herein are the outcomes of endoscopic dissection of perforating veins (EDPV) in a total of 113 patients presenting with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Of these, 71 patients sufferedExpand