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Gallstone disease: Symptoms and diagnosis of gallbladder stones.
The clinical aspects and the diagnostic features of gallstone disease are described. The natural history of silent gallstones is overviewed, and the risk of developing symptoms and complications isExpand
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Medicinal treatments of cholesterol gallstones: old, current and new perspectives.
Cholesterol cholelithiasis is one of the most common and costly digestive diseases. Although gallstones are usually asymptomatic and no treatment is generally required, it is imperative to treatExpand
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Targets for current pharmacologic therapy in cholesterol gallstone disease.
Gallstone disease is a frequent condition throughout the world and, cholesterol stones are the most frequent form in Western countries. The standard treatment of symptomatic gallstone subjects isExpand
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Current Views on Genetics and Epigenetics of Cholesterol Gallstone Disease
Cholesterol gallstone disease, one of the commonest digestive diseases in western countries, is induced by an imbalance in cholesterol metabolism, which involves intestinal absorption, hepaticExpand
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An update on the pathogenesis of cholesterol gallstone disease
Purpose of review Gallstone disease is a major epidemiologic and economic burden worldwide, and the most frequent form is cholesterol gallstone disease. Recent findings Major pathogenetic factors forExpand
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Coordinate regulation of gallbladder motor function in the gut‐liver axis
Gallstones are one of the most common digestive diseases with an estimated prevalence of 10%‐15% in adults living in the western world, where cholesterol‐enriched gallstones represent 75%‐80% of allExpand
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Gastrointestinal symptoms and motility disorders in patients with systemic scleroderma
BackgroundStudies on gastrointestinal symptoms, dysfunctions, and neurological disorders in systemic scleroderma are lacking so far.MethodsThirty-eight scleroderma patients (34 limited, 4 diffuse),Expand
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Bile Acid Physiology.
The primary bile acids (BAs) are synthetized from colesterol in the liver, conjugated to glycine or taurine to increase their solubility, secreted into bile, concentrated in the gallbladder duringExpand
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Impaired gallbladder and gastric motility and pathological gastro‐oesophageal reflux in gallstone patients
Impaired gallbladder motility is common in gallstone patients and might be associated with other gastrointestinal defects. Twenty patients with small stones in an opacified gallbladder at oralExpand
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Gallbladder and gastric motility in obese newborns, pre‐adolescents and adults
Background and Aim:  Impaired gallbladder and gastric motility have been associated with obesity in adults. The timing of appearance of this dysfunction, however, is unclear.
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