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Hepatitis B Virus infection in HIV infected patients
ABSTRACT: 175 serum specimens from patients confirmed to have human immunodificiently virus (HIV) infection were tested for the presence of hepatitis B Surface antigen (HBsAg) of the hepatitis BExpand
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Cholera outbreak in Delhi--1988.
Delhi experienced an outbreak of cholera during July-August 1988 which affected residents from all walks of life. A total of 1824 laboratory confirmed cholera cases were detected in two months periodExpand
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Immunochemical studies in multiple myeloma.
The study deals with a total of 72 patients with Plasma cell dyscrasias (PCD) selected on the basis of atypical plasmacytosis in the bone marrow aspirate and radiological evidence of osteolyticExpand
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Antibiogram, phage types & biotypes of Salmonella typhi isolated in Nagpur.
S. typhi was isolated from 241 patients of pyrexia between July 1990 and March 1991. Multiple drug resistance was observed in 220 (91.3%) strains, the commonest pattern of drug resistance being ACCoTExpand
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Analysis of immunoglobulin deficiency cases: a five year study.
A total of 734 serum specimens from various clinical disorders along with 100 control samples from healthy subjects were processed for estimation of serum IgG, IgA and IgM employing single radialExpand
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Sequential study of IgG antibody response in immunized rabbit and development of immunization protocol for raising monospecific antibody.
The present study was planned to develop an immunization protocol to decide the bleeding modalities for harvesting anti IgG antibody from the immunized rabbit. A fourteen dose immunization protocolExpand
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Bisalbuminemia: an interesting electrophoretic abnormality--a report of two cases.
We hereby report two cases of Bisalbuminemia for its extreme rarity in Indian literature. In an attempt to look for 'M' component, polyacrylamide gel disc electrophoresis of serum displayedExpand
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Reverse single radial immunodiffusion for estimation of titre of anti IgG antibody.
Reverse Single Radial Immunodiffusion (SRID) for estimating titre of anti IgG antisera is reported. Unlike the conventional radial immunodiffusion, the antigen (IgG) is held immobile in the gel whileExpand
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Utilization of used human immunodeficiency virus ELISA microplates & surplus reagents for HIV antibody testing.
Used non-competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) microplates were washed and reused to test samples and positive and negative controls, utilising the surplus reagents provided with theExpand
Immunochemical studies in Wilson's disease.
The present study deals with a total of 28 cases of Wilson's disease, 50 normal individuals alongwith siblings and parents of eight cases. Male predominance (18 out of 28 cases), a median age of 11Expand