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Slicing the V-Model -- Reduced Effort, Higher Flexibility
  • A. Deuter
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE 8th International Conference on Global…
  • 26 August 2013
A new approach is proposed, called "sliced V-model", where documents are split into work items and these work items are linked between the documents, forming small and independent "V" shapes, which downsizes the efforts for keeping documents updated, simplifies the management of trace ability and increases flexibility. Expand
A Critical View on PLM/ALM Convergence in Practice and Research☆
Abstract The Internet of Things (IoT) is the main driver for industrial smart products produced by an increasing number of manufacturers. The overall functionality of smart products is a combinationExpand
Measuring the Software Size of Sliced V-Model Projects
  • A. Deuter, G. Engels
  • Computer Science
  • Joint Conference of the International Workshop on…
  • 6 October 2014
This article extends source code-based metrics, namely the size of code changes which is called churn, by the counting of work items representing the design and test documentation belonging to that churn by proposing a novel automated way on software quantity measurement. Expand
Safety-related data transfer in secure virtual automation networks
Safety related applications in the industrial automation area are becoming more and more important. For the safety aspects in an automation plant there is the generally standard IEC 61508 which is aExpand
Developing the Requirements of a PLM/ALM Integration: An Industrial Case Study
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) covers many of the above-mentioned issues and has become widely used by software companies in the same manner as PLM solutions belong to the standard enterprise IT environment of companies developing physical products. Expand
Diagnostic device for a field bus control-neutral information transfer
The invention has for its object to provide a diagnostic device that can be inserted into a parent application, for example, as an ActiveX component, known from "ActiveX Controls Inside Out" withExpand
PLM/ALM Integration With The Asset Administration Shell
The semi-automatic generation of PLM/ALM submodels and how to link elements between these submodels are explained and a discussion about the potential of the AAS as a standardized concept for PLM-ALM integration is discussed. Expand
Applying Manufacturing Performance Figures to Measure Software Development Excellence
Producing companies monitor their manufacturing excellence related to these products by evaluating manufacturing performance figures such as delivery time and yield, but for the time being, no figures for the software inside are measured with similar means. Expand
An apparatus for addressing and position determination of a device module
I/O-Modul (2), umfassend zumindest einen Sender (4), zumindest einen Empfanger (5) und Mittel, um aus einem empfangenen Signal ein Signal zu generieren, welches zu dem empfangenen Signal in einerExpand