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Bose–Einstein Condensation in a Dilute, Trapped Gas at Positive Temperature
We consider an interacting, dilute Bose gas trapped in a harmonic potential at a positive temperature. The system is analyzed in a combination of a thermodynamic and a Gross–Pitaevskii (GP) limitExpand
Emergence of Non-Abelian Magnetic Monopoles in a Quantum Impurity Problem.
Recently, it was shown that molecules rotating in superfluid helium can be described in terms of the angulon quasiparticles [Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 095301Expand
Theory of the rotating polaron: Spectrum and self-localization
We study a quantum impurity possessing both translational and internal rotational degrees of freedom interacting with a bosonic bath. Such a system corresponds to a “rotating polaron,” which can beExpand
Persistence of Translational Symmetry in the BCS Model with Radial Pair Interaction
We consider the two-dimensional BCS functional with a radial pair interaction. We show that the translational symmetry is not broken in a certain temperature interval below the critical temperature.Expand
Gross–Pitaevskii Limit of a Homogeneous Bose Gas at Positive Temperature
We consider a dilute, homogeneous Bose gas at positive temperature. The system is investigated in the Gross–Pitaevskii limit, where the scattering length a is so small that the interaction energy isExpand
Dynamics and symmetries of a repulsively bound atom pair in an infinite optical lattice
We investigate the dynamics of two bosons trapped in an infinite one-dimensional optical lattice potential within the framework of the Bose-Hubbard model and derive an exact expression for theExpand
Note on a Family of Monotone Quantum Relative Entropies
Given a convex function $${\varphi}$$φ and two hermitian matrices A and B, Lewin and Sabin study in (Lett Math Phys 104:691–705, 2014) the relative entropy defined by $${\mathcal{H}(A,B)={\rm Tr}Expand
Intermolecular forces and correlations mediated by a phonon bath.
Inspired by the possibility to experimentally manipulate and enhance chemical reactivity in helium nanodroplets, we investigate the effective interaction and the resulting correlations between twoExpand
We prove a lower bound for the free energy (per unit volume) of the two-dimensional Bose gas in the thermodynamic limit. We show that the free energy at density $\unicode[STIX]{x1D70C}$ and inverseExpand