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Standardized Reporting of Clinical Practice Guidelines: A Proposal from the Conference on Guideline Standardization
Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines can reduce the delivery of inappropriate care and support the introduction of new knowledge into clinical practice (1-3). In many cases, guidelinesExpand
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Research Paper: Use of General-purpose Negation Detection to Augment Concept Indexing of Medical Documents: A Quantitative Study Using the UMLS
We show that most instances of negated concepts in dictated medical documents can be detected by a strategy that relies on tools developed for the parsing of formal (computer) languages-specifically, a lexical scanner ("lexer") that uses regular expressions to generate a finite state machine, and a parser that relies upon a restricted subset of context-free grammars. Expand
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An Approach to Guideline Implementation with GEM
The Guideline Elements Model (GEM) provides an XML-based guideline document model that facilitates implementation of guidelines. Expand
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TrialDB: A Web-based Clinical Study Data Management System AMIA 2003 Open Source Expo
Clinical Study Data Management Systems in institution-wide use for a variety of clinical domains are best served by entity-attribute-value modeling for the clinical data: all the commercial CSDMSs that we are aware of use EAV design. Expand
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Metadata-driven creation of data marts from an EAV-modeled clinical research database
This paper describes how Trial/DB, an EAV-modeled CSDMS that is used at Yale and other collaborating institutions, including the National Cancer Institute (NCI) supported Cancer Genetic Network (CGN) [1], uses clinical study metadata to automate the creation of study-specific data marts. Expand
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GGA1-mediated endocytic traffic of LR11/SorLA alters APP intracellular distribution and amyloid-β production
Defining the cellular pathway(s) by which LR11 modulates amyloid-β peptide production is critical to understanding how changes in LR11 expression affect the progression of Alzheimer's disease. TheseExpand
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Metadata-driven Delphi rating on the Internet
We designed and implemented a metadata-driven Web-based Delphi rating and analysis tool, employing the flexible entity-attribute-value schema to create generic, reusable software. Expand
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Application of Information Technology: Metadata-driven Ad Hoc Query of Patient Data: Meeting the Needs of Clinical Studies
Clinical study data management systems (CSDMSs) have many similarities to clinical patient record systems (CPRSs) in their focus on recording clinical parameters. Expand
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Temporal query of attribute-value patient data: utilizing the constraints of clinical studies
We describe an interface and architecture for ad hoc temporal query of TrialDB, a clinical study data management system (CSDMS) that is used by multiple departments at Yale University. Expand
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