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Acute and chronic toxicity of oxethazaine: a highly potent local anesthetic.
Abstract Oxethazaine, an N -substituted bis-acetamide, represents a new series of powerful local anesthetics exceeding by far the potency of either cocaine, procaine, lidocaine, or dibucaine. AcuteExpand
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Bronchodilator activity of the prostaglandins E 1 and E 2 .
The prostaglandins PGE 1 and PGE 2 and isoproterenol were effective bronchodilators capable of reversing the increased airway resistance and decreased airway compliance induced by cholinergicExpand
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Prostaglandins and anti‐inflammatory drugs in the dog knee joint
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Alteration in Permeability of Some Membranes by Hyaluronidase and Inhibition of this Effect by Steroids
Summary 1. Purified testicular hyaluronidase had no effect on the normal or altered permeability of skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, or of isolated frog skin. 2. Hyaluronidase strikingly increasedExpand
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Bronchodilator and antiallergic effects of thiazinamium chloride in guinea pigs, rats, cats and dogs.
This study characterized the in vivo pulmonary pharmacology of thiazinamium chloride administered largely by the aerosol route in different animal species. The compound has greater anticholinergicExpand
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Actions of prostaglandins on the respiratory tract of animals.
Experimental data now strongly suggest that the PGs, by nature of their natural local occurrence and destruction, powerful effects on, and release from lung tissue are important in regulating bothExpand
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Bronchodilating activity of forskolin in vitro and in vivo.
The effect of forskolin, a receptor-independent adenylate cyclase activator on acetylcholine (ACh)-, histamine- and leukotriene D4 (LTD4)-induced contractions in isolated tracheal spirals wasExpand
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Immunopharmacologic properties of WY-16,922, a new orally effective antiallergic agent.
In a series of tests designed to illustrate immune reactions similar to those obtained in atopic disease, Wy-16,922 effectively inhibited reaginic-mediated immunologic reactions in the skin, longsExpand
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Ascaris-induced allergic asthma in the conscious dog: a model for the pharmacologic modulation of immediate type hypersensitivity.
A noninvasive method has been described for producing and assessing Ascaris-induced bronchospasm in the conscious dog and the bronchial responsiveness of a colony of Ascaris-sensitive dogs has beenExpand
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The pharmacologic profile of wy-41,195, a new orally effective antiallergic agent.
[2-Cyano-3-(methylamino)phenylamino]oxoacetic acid, sodium salt (Wy-41,195) was found to be a potent oral inhibitor (viz., ED50, 0.3 mg/kg) of IgE-mediated release in the rat passive cutaneousExpand
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