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Summary Recent, rapid and often underestimated landscape changes have occurred over large areas in Mediterranean Europe. They are the result of major rural depopulation. Old photographs ofExpand
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Upwind schemes for the two-dimensional shallow water equations with variable depth using unstructured meshes
In this paper, certain well-known upwind schemes for hyperbolic equations are extended to solve the two-dimensional Saint-Venant (or shallow water) equations. We consider unstructured meshes and aExpand
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Feeding ecology and life history variation of the blue tit in Mediterranean deciduous and sclerophyllous habitats
SummaryHigh variation in laying date and clutch size of the blue tit between a Mediterranean mixed habitat on the mainland, southern France, and a sclerophyllous habitat on the island of Corsica isExpand
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Effects of Local Anthropogenic Changes on Potential Malaria Vector Anopheles hyrcanus and West Nile Virus Vector Culex modestus, Camargue, France
Sixty years of environmental modifications have led to strong and rapid effects on the abundance of vector populations.
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Unstructured multigridding by volume agglomeration: Current status
Abstract We describe a multigrid (MG) method for solving the Euler equations as applied to non-structured meshes in two (triangles) and three dimensions (tetrahedra). The main idea is to coarsen theExpand
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Fully anisotropic goal-oriented mesh adaptation for 3D steady Euler equations
This paper studies the coupling between anisotropic mesh adaptation and goal-oriented error estimate. Expand
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A low-diffusion MUSCL scheme for LES on unstructured grids
Abstract We are interested in the development of large-eddy simulation (LES) methods for compressible flows in complex geometries. The starting point is a numerical scheme applicable to unstructuredExpand
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A vertex centered high order MUSCL scheme applying to linearised Euler acoustics
This report proposes a linearised Euler discretisation that will be compatibl- e with some existing state of art in numerical methods for compressible flows on unstructured triangulations. TheExpand
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Classical and variational multiscale LES of the flow around a circular cylinder on unstructured grids
Abstract The effects of numerical viscosity, subgrid scale (SGS) viscosity and grid resolution are investigated in LES and VMS-LES simulations of the flow around a circular cylinder at Re = 3900 onExpand
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