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[Mn(bipyridyl)(CO)3Br]: an abundant metal carbonyl complex as efficient electrocatalyst for CO2 reduction.
Manganese at work: carbonyl bipyridyl complexes based on manganese, a non-noble abundant and inexpensive metal, have been proved to be excellent molecular catalysts for the selective electrochemical
Towards new molecular photocatalysts for CO2 reduction: photo-induced electron transfer versus CO dissociation within [Os(NN)(CO)2Cl2] Complexes.
The efficient oxidation and reduction of both complexes under continuous irradiation in the presence of a sacrificial electron acceptor or donor is reported here and the nature of the resulting compounds were analysed.
Two new terpyridine dimanganese complexes: a manganese(III,III) complex with a single unsupported oxo bridge and a manganese(III,IV) complex with a dioxo bridge. Synthesis, structure, and redox
Two new terpyridine dimanganese oxo complexes have been synthesized and their X-ray structures determined and the electrochemical behavior of 3 in organic medium shows that this complex could be oxidized into its corresponding stable manganese(IV,IV) species while its reduced form manganae(III,III) is very unstable and leads by a disproportionation process to Mn(II) and Mn(IV) complexes.
Binuclear manganese compounds of potential biological significance. 1. Syntheses and structural, magnetic, and electrochemical properties of dimanganese(II) and -(II,III) complexes of a bridging
Magnetic measurements revealed that the three compounds exhibit very similar magnetic exchange interactions, and tentative magneto-structural correlations were established which show that for the dimanganese(II) complexes -J decreases when the Mn-O(phenoxo) distance increases as expected from orbital overlap considerations.
Synthesis and characterization of a new kind of Mn2III,IV µ-oxo complex: [Mn2O2(terpy)2(H2O)2](NO3)3·6 H2O, terpy=2,2′:6′,2″-terpyridine
A new kind of mixed-valence binuclear µ-oxo complex of manganese having two aqua ligands has been synthesized and structurally characterized.