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The Eudaimonic and Hedonic Components of Happiness: Qualitative and Quantitative Findings
This paper illustrates a new project developed by a cross-country team of researchers, with the aim of studying the hedonic and eudaimonic components of happiness through a mixed method approachExpand
Optimal experience in work and leisure among teachers and physicians: Individual and bio‐cultural implications
We investigated the role of work and leisure in the daily life of two groups of professionals, whose work outcomes affect the wellbeing, survival and development of other individuals, at both theExpand
Lay Definitions of Happiness across Nations: The Primacy of Inner Harmony and Relational Connectedness
In well-being research the term happiness is often used as synonymous with life satisfaction. However, little is known about lay people's understanding of happiness. Building on the availableExpand
The contribution of diversity to happiness research
The significant contributions of Kashdan and Colleagues, and Waterman are acknowledged and some suggestions are brought forward. In particular, qualitative studies, and a cross-cultural perspectiveExpand
The quality of experience in adolescents' daily lives: developmental perspectives.
The authors analyzed the pattern of experience fluctuation in adolescents' daily activities. Italian high school students (N = 120; 16-20 years of age) were tested with the experience samplingExpand
Illness Perception and Well-Being Among Persons with Multiple Sclerosis and Their Caregivers
This study jointly examined illness beliefs held by persons with multiple sclerosis (PwMS) and caregivers in relation to well-being. A group of 68 PwMS and their caregivers completed the RevisedExpand
Personality and Optimal Experience in Adolescence: Implications for Well-Being and Development
Past research has repeatedly identified relations between optimal experience—or flow—and well-being across the lifespan. In the attempt to identify the conditions favoring this experience, someExpand
Sharing optimal experiences and promoting good community life in a multicultural society
This study focused on immigrants’ quality of daily experience, sources of well-being and future expectations. Theoretical frameworks were research on cross-cultural adaptation and studies on optimalExpand
Treatment of proteinuric patients with a vegetarian soy diet and fish oil.
Our aim was to determine whether a longer period of treatment with a vegetarian soy diet with addition of fish oil supplements would accentuate the beneficial effects on hyperlipidemia andExpand
Psychological well-being and depression from pregnancy to postpartum among primiparous and multiparous women
Abstract Background: The bulk of research on motherhood has focused on perinatal depression, largely overlooking indicators of women’s positive mental health which can likewise have pervasiveExpand