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Electrochemiluminescent biosensors array for the concomitant detection of choline, glucose, glutamate, lactate, lysine and urate.
A multifunctional bio-sensing chip was designed based on the electrochemiluminescent (ECL) detection of enzymatically produced hydrogen peroxide. Six different oxidases specific for choline, glucose,Expand
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Disposable screen-printed chemiluminescent biochips for the simultaneous determination of four point-of-care relevant proteins
AbstractA screen-printed (SP) microarray is presented as a platform for the achievement of multiparametric biochips. The SP platform is composed of eight (0.28-mm2) working electrodes modified withExpand
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Design of luminescent biochips based on enzyme, antibody, or DNA composite layers
The use of beads bearing bioactive molecules to develop generic biochips based on chemi- and electro-chemiluminescent detection was evaluated. The biochips were composed of arrayed biosensors,Expand
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Latex bead immobilisation in PDMS matrix for the detection of p53 gene point mutation and anti-HIV-1 capsid protein antibodies
Two diagnostic chemiluminescent biochips were developed for either the detection of p53 gene point mutation or the serological detection of anti-HIV-1 p24 capsid protein. Both biochips were composedExpand
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In vitro transfer of N,N'-diacetylchitobiose to glycoproteins in rat liver nuclei.
This work demonstrates that (N-acetyl[14C]glucosamine)2 is transferred from dolichyl pyrophosphate-(N-acetyl[14C]glucosamine)2 to endogenous nuclear glycoproteins. The (N-acetyl[14C]glucosamine)2Expand
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Macro-molecular chemiluminescent complex for enhanced immuno-detection onto microtiter plate and protein biochip
The synthesis and the analytical use of chemiluminescent (CL) macromolecular complexes were studied. Such complexes, composed of dextran bearing both biotin and amine residues, were synthesisedExpand
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Spatial aspects of mannosyl phosphoryl retinol formation.
Rat liver microsomes catalyze the transfer of mannose from GDPmannose to both retinyl phosphate and dolichyl phosphate to form mannosylphosphorylretinol, mannosylphosphoryldolichol and GDP. The twoExpand
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Fiberoptic biosensors based on chemiluminescent reactions
The chemiluminescence of luminol in the presence of H2O2 has been exploited to develop fiberoptic biosensors associated with flow injection analysis systems. A chlorophenol sensor was developed basedExpand
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Purification of a UTP:D-glucose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase from Golgi apparatus of cat liver by affinity chromatography on UTP-agarose.
UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase from Golgi apparatus solubilized by detergent has been purified 100-fold from microsomes by affinity chromatography on UTP-agarose. The purified enzyme has apparent MrExpand
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Electrochemical Sensor for Explosives Precursors’ Detection in Water
Although all countries are intensifying their efforts against terrorism and increasing their mutual cooperation, terrorist bombing is still one of the greatest threats to society. The discovery ofExpand
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