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Tensor Norms and Operator Ideals
Basic Concepts. Bilinear Mappings. The Algebraic Theory of Tensor Products. The Projective Norm. The Injective Norm. The Approximation Property. Duality of the Projective and Injective Norm. TheExpand
Coordinatewise multiple summing operators in Banach spaces
We invent the new notion of coordinatewise multiple summing operators in Banach spaces, and use it to study various vector valued extensions of the well-know Bohnenblust–Hille inequality (whichExpand
The Bohnenblust-Hille inequality for homogeneous polynomials is hypercontractive
The Bohnenblust-Hille inequality says that the ‘ 2m m+1 -norm of the coefcients of an m-homogeneous polynomial P on C n is bounded by kPk1 times a constant independent of n, wherekk 1 denotes theExpand
Variants of the Maurey–Rosenthal Theorem for Quasi Köthe Function Spaces
AbstractThe Maurey–Rosenthal theorem states that each bounded and linear operator T from a quasi normed space E into some Lp(ν)(0<p<r<∞) which satisfies a vector-valued norm inequality $$\left\|Expand
Discorhabdin alkaloids from Antarctic Latrunculia spp. sponges as a new class of cholinesterase inhibitors.
Findings are promising for development of cholinesterase inhibitors based on the scaffold of discorhabdins, as potential new agents for treatment of patients with Alzheimer's disease. Expand
Unconditional Basis and Gordon–Lewis Constants for Spaces of Polynomials
Abstract No infinite dimensional Banach space X is known which has the property that for m ⩾2 the Banach space of all continuous m -homogeneous polynomials on X has an unconditional basis. FollowingExpand
Fatty acid composition of common barbel (Barbus barbus) roe and evaluation of its haemolytic and cytotoxic activities.
The chemical composition of the haemolytically active fraction from methanolic barbel roe extract was analyzed and polyunsaturated fatty acids proved to be the three most abundant members of a complex series of free fatty acids ranging from C14:0 to C24:5. Expand
Bohr’s strip for vector valued Dirichlet series
Bohr showed that the width of the strip (in the complex plane) on which a given Dirichlet series $${\sum a_n/ n^s, \, s \in \mathbb{C}}$$, converges uniformly but not absolutely, is at most 1/2, andExpand
The Bohnenblust Hille cycle of ideas from a modern point of view
Both authors were supported by MICINN Project MTM2011-22417. The second author was also partially supported by project UPV-SP201207000.
A logarithmic lower bound for multi-dimensional bohr radii
We prove that the Bohr radiusKn of then-dimensional polydisc in ℂn is up to an absolute constant ≥ √logn/log logn/n. This improves a result of Boas and Khavinson.