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Skin and mucosal hemorrhage of prolonged duration in systemic amyloidosis.
A patient with primary systemic amyloidosis is described in whom skin and mucosal hemorrhages constituted the sole clinical manifestation for a period of 3 yr. The cause of the hemorrhagic disorderExpand
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Diffuse angiomatosis with hypersplenism. Splenectomy followed by polycythemia.
Abstract A patient with diffuse hemangiomatosis involving the spleen, liver, skin and conjunctivas, with pancytopenia due to hypersplenism, is described. Additional abnormalities were a mitral valveExpand
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Effect of purified Vipera palestinae hemorrhagin on blood coagulation and platelet function.
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[Hodgkin's disease].
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Studies on the clot-promoting activity of glass.
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Pheochromocytoma with diabetes and hypertension; report of two cases cured by operation.
Abstract Two cases of pheochromocytoma have been reported. One patient had paroxysmal hypertension and persistent diabetes while in the other patient both hypertension and diabetes were paroxysmal.Expand
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Interaction of Myxoviruses with Human Blood Platelets in vitro.
Summary 1. Influenza and Newcastle Disease Viruses are adsorbed to red blood cells and to platelets in a similar manner. Evidence is presented indicating that there exists similar virus receptors onExpand
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Transient perceptive deafness due to erythromycin lactobionate.
To the Editor.— Erythromycin may cause adverse reactions of two types: (1) allergic such as fever, eosinophilia, skin eruptions, and cholestatic hepatitis, 1-3 or (2) toxic such as epigastricExpand
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