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Spatial variations of field polarization and phase in microwave cavities: application to the cesium fountain cavity
Wall losses in microwave cavities will generate a phase difference between the components of the field, and give rise to spatial phase variations which are related to the geometry of complicatedExpand
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Square wave frequency modulation as a mean to reduce the effect of local oscillator instabilities in alkali vapor passive frequency standards
A quick review is given of mechanisms that can transfer local oscillator instabilities onto the output frequency of an atomic frequency standard, with the possible result of representing a limitationExpand
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Effects of Servo Loop Modulation in Atomic Beam Frequency Standards Employing a Ramsey Cavity
Some kind of modulation needs to be imposed on the mi- crowave signal to acquire lock in all passive atomic frequency stan- dards. In this way a frequency-discriminating dc signal is obtained byExpand
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Virtues and problems of the high C-field Cs beam frequency standard
The high C-field Cs beam frequency standard is presently a working machine that is undergoing first evaluations. The projected 10/sup -14/ accuracy goal is as yet unattained, mainly because ofExpand
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A simple analysis of the Dick effect in terms of phase noise spectral densities
In cold-atom frequency standards based on the Ramsey double interaction method, the phase noise of the interrogating signal appears as a random "end-to-end phase difference", thereby introducingExpand
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The elusive half-pole in the frequency domain transfer function of Peltier thermoelectric devices.
A half-pole can be expected in the transfer function of a Peltier device because proportionality between the diffusion length and the square root of the diffusion time is intrinsic in the diffusionExpand
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An accurate new method to measure the dimensionless figure of merit of thermoelectric devices based on the complex impedance porcupine diagram.
The heat diffusion related f(-1/2) slow decay in the frequency domain transfer function of thermoelectric devices introduces a bias in figure of merit measurement methods that do not take it intoExpand
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Spectral Analysis of Synthesized Signals in the mm Wavelength Region
In this paper some experimental results on the spectral purity along a multiplier chain from 5 MHz up to 600 GHz are reported. The measured points are compared to the numerical data which can beExpand
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Frequency stability of cell-based passive frequency standards: reducing the effects of local-oscillator PM noise
Experimental measurements in our present diode-laser-pumped Rb buffer-gas-cell frequency standard show that the sensitivity to microwave PM noise is approximately a factor of 10 lower whenExpand
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Phase-coherent synthesis and precision frequency measurements in the far infrared
A short review of the basic concepts and problems in frequency multiplication into the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum is given. Results obtained with a multiplier chain starting fromExpand
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