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Medicinal, biological and phytochemical properties of Gentiana species
Gentiana, a cosmopolitan and important genus of the Gentianaceae family, comprises 400 species distributed among the world. Based on the studies of Iranian traditional medicine texts, there are someExpand
Report of two rare complications of pandemic influenza A (H1N1).
Novel influenza A (H1N1) has created a major worldwide health problem within a short time after its emergence. This infection is often self-limited, but sometimes can cause severe and fatalExpand
Tropolone alkaloids from Colchicum kurdicum (Bornm.) Stef. (Colchicaceae) as the potent novel antileishmanial compounds; purification, structure elucidation, antileishmanial activities and molecular
Natural compounds played an important role for prevention and treatment of the disease as well as are the important compounds for the design of the new bioactive compounds. In this study, eightExpand
The Determination of Blood Glucose Lowering and Metabolic Effects of Mespilus germanica L. Hydroacetonic Extract on Streptozocin-Induced Diabetic Balb/c Mice
Background: The serum glucose lowering, normalization animal body weight, and antioxidative stress effects of Mespilus germanica L. leaf extract were investigated in normal and streptozotocin-inducedExpand
Comparison of Diagnostic Methods in Hospitalized Patients With Brucellosis in Iran
Diagnosis of brucellosis is based on clinical symptoms and positive laboratory results. Because specificity of the serology tests is not satisfactory and sensitivity of the culture is low, polymeraseExpand
Materia Medica Used in Jaundice Based on Persian Medicine
Jaundice is recognized by increased bilirubin level of blood and yellow appearance in skin, sclera and mucous membrane. Natural products have been used for treatment of jaundice for a long time andExpand
A Review on Medicinal Plants Used for Nausea and Vomiting in Persian Medicine
Nausea and vomiting are common digestive symptoms of various illnesses, pregnancy, chemotherapy and motion sickness. They are very unpleasant and affect the quality of life. There are many drugs toExpand
The Awareness of General Practitioners of Mzandaran Province of Leptospirosis and its Related Factors
Background and purpose: Leptospirosis is the most widespread zoonosis in the world which is endemic in Mazandaran province. Eary diagnosis of leptospirosis based on clinical & laboratory findings isExpand
Plant cells technology as an effective biotechnological approach for high scale production of pharmaceutical natural compounds; A meta-analysis study
*Corresponding author: azadbakht110@gmail.com Natural-based drugs are the important bioactive substances that have been used for prevention and treatment of diseases. Natural products are prepared inExpand
Comparison of Albizia Julibressin and Silver Sulfadiazine in Healing of Second and Third Degree Burns
BACKGROUND Large numbers of population suffer from burn annually. The promising treatment of burn has not been identified yet. Albizia julibressin (A. julibressin) in Fabaceae family is popular forExpand