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Cytochrome bd oxidase from Escherichia coli displays high catalase activity: An additional defense against oxidative stress
Cytochrome bd oxygen reductase from Escherichia coli has three hemes, b 558, b 595 and d. We found that the enzyme, as‐prepared or in turnover with O2, rapidly decomposes H2O2 with formation ofExpand
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Cytochrome bd Oxidase and Hydrogen Peroxide Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Cytochrome bd oxidase is a prokaryotic respiratory oxidase, phylogenetically unrelated to the well-known heme-copper oxidases, which catalyzes the reduction of O2 to 2H2O. Apart from having a role inExpand
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Sweet Cacao and Sour Atole: Mixed Drinks on Classic Maya Ceramic Vases
Many Classic Maya painted vessels feature a genre of inscriptions known as the “dedicatory formula” or the “primary standard sequence” (PSS).These texts usually mention the vessel type, its contents,Expand
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Name in the Kohau Rongorongo script (Easter Island)
Many interpretations of the undeciphered Kohau Rongorongo script of Easter Island have been proposed, but nowadays only the suggestion about a genealogy on the Small Santiago Tablet offered by YuriExpand
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Numerals and Phonetic Complements in the Kohau Rongorongo Script of Easter Island
Typological considerations and combinatory properties of the “Crescent” sign suggest that “Crescent” and its multiplied combinations represent numerals in the kohau rongorongo script of EasterExpand
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A seemingly on-going sound change in Takuu language of Papua New Guinea: historical and theoretical implications
The Takuu language of Papua New Guinea shows both the lateral [l] and the flap rhotic [r] as regular reflexes of Proto-Nuclear-Polynesian *l. Older speakers tend to pronounce it closer to [r] andExpand
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Signos numéricos y registros de cuenta en la escritura jeroglífica náhuatl
espanolPor primera vez los signos numericos y el sistema de numeracion nahuatl se examinan desde el punto de vista gramatologico, como una parte integral del sistema logosilabico de escritura. EntreExpand