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A new framework for analyzing survey forecasts using three-dimensional panel data☆
We use the Blue Chip Survey of Professional Forecasts over the period July 1976 through May 1992 to implement the methodology. Expand
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Synoptic classification of the world Tenebrionidae [Insecta: Coleoptera] with a review of family-group names
A synoptic classification of the Tenebrionidae is presented. The family is divided into 10 subfamilies, 96 tribes and 61 subtribes. A catalogue containing 319 family-group names based on 266 generaExpand
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Environmental and economic modelling : A case study of municipal solid waste management scenarios in Wales
In recent years the burdens that waste puts on the environment has been widely publicised. To address the earth's dwindling resources and the growing mountains of waste many countries have introducedExpand
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Reclassification of the North Temperate Taxa Associated with Staphylinus Sensu Lato, Including Comments on Relevant Subtribes of Staphylinini (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)
Abstract This paper presents a reclassification of the north temperate taxa associated with the genus Staphylinus sensu lato, and comments on relevant subtribes of the tribe Staphylinini. TheExpand
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Effectiveness and safety of tapentadol prolonged release for severe, chronic low back pain with or without a neuropathic pain component: results of an open-label, phase 3b study
Abstract Objective: This open-label, phase 3b study evaluated the effectiveness and tolerability of tapentadol prolonged release and tapentadol immediate release (for acute pain episodes) for severe,Expand
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Early-Entrant Advantage, Word-of-Mouth Communication, Brand Similarity, and the Consumer Decision-Making Process
To better understand the competitive dynamics between an early and a later entrant, in this study we examined the extent to which word of mouth (WOM) regarding the later entrant and the laterExpand
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Impact of childbirth on a series of schizophrenic mothers: a comment on the possible influence of oestrogen on schizophrenia
From a series of 180 admissions to a Mother-Baby Unit 45 patients with diagnoses of schizophrenia were identified. Demographic data together with clinical information were noted, and each file wasExpand
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The value of pre-operative treatment with GnRH analogues in women with submucous fibroids: a double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized trial.
BACKGROUND Submucous fibroids are common benign tumours responsible for menorrhagia, subfertility and miscarriage. They can be readily removed by hysteroscopic transcervical resection of myomaExpand
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