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A Rule Based Approach for Visual Pattern Inspection
The authors investigate the use of a priori knowledge about a scene to coordinate and control bilevel image segmentation, interpretation, and shape inspection of different objects in the scene. Expand
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Histopathology and Pathogenesis of Experimental Infection with Edwardsiella tarda in Channel Catfish
Abstract The histopathology and pathogenesis of Edwardsiella tarda-induced edwardsiellosis in juvenile channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus were characterized. The lateral body surfaces of fish wereExpand
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Segmentation and classification of white blood cells
A set of preprocessing and segmentation algorithms along with a set of features that are able to recognize and classify different categories of normal white blood cells. Expand
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Efficacy of 6-, 12-, and 24-h praziquantel bath treatments against Asian tapeworms Bothriocephalus acheilognathi in grass carp.
Abstract Praziquantel is an effective anthelmintic treatment that has been used in dogs Canis lupus familiaris and cats Felis catus. It has also been used successfully against tapeworms andExpand
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In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Potassium Permanganate Treatment Efficacy for the Control of Acute Experimental Infection by Flavobacterium columnare in Channel Catfish
Abstract An experiment was performed to evaluate the in vitro and in vivo efficacy of potassium permanganate (KMnO4) against Flavobacterium columnare. In vitro, F. columnare treated with KMnO4 at 2Expand
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Prevalence of Trypanosoma evansi in Maghrabi Camels (Camelus dromedarius) in Northern-West Coast, Egypt using Molecular and Parasitological Methods
In Egypt, two local strains of dromedaries' camels (Sudanese and Maghrabi) are different from each other in some morphological, physiological properties and their origin. Trypanosoma evansi was wellExpand
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Molecular Detection of Pathogens in Ticks Infesting Camels in MatrouhGovernorate, Egypt
Tick-borne pathogens become healthy important as the incidence of tick-borne diseases increases and the geographic areas in which they are found expand. A relatively little information is availableExpand
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Comparison of tank treatments with copper sulfate and potassium permanganate for sunshine bass with ichthyobodosis.
The biflagellated, single-celled parasite Ichthyobodo necator can cause significant losses among fish populations, particularly those cultured in tanks. Treatments of KMnO4 and CuSO4 were evaluatedExpand
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Laboratory Efficacy of Amoxicillin for the Control of Streptococcus iniae Infection in Sunshine Bass
Abstract An experimental trial was performed to evaluate the efficacy of amoxicillin in controlling Streptococcus iniae infection in sunshine bass (a hybrid of female white bass Morone chrysops ×Expand
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A new composite feature vector for Arabic handwritten signature recognition
  • A. Darwish, G. Auda
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of ICASSP '94. IEEE International…
  • 19 April 1994
We present a comparative study for a large number of features [210] previously studied in the literature as applied to the problem of recognizing Arabic handwritten signatures. Expand
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