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An experimental study about the treeing phenomena in XLPE subjected to distorted voltages
In this work the influence of harmonic content of the voltage waveform on electrical treeing growth in XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) is investigated. In particular the lifetimes of XLPE specimens,Expand
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Life tests on twisted pairs in presence of partial discharges: influence of the voltage waveform
The stator windings of electrical motors fed by means of inverter drives are subjected to switching voltages that constitute a heavy electrical stress for the winding insulation systems. Such stressExpand
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Life tests on twisted pairs subjected to PWM-like voltages
This investigation regards the partial discharges (PD) ageing processes of motor winding insulation (enamelled wires) subjected to "fast rising and dropping" voltages, i.e. to a PWM controlledExpand
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Electrical treeing inception and growth in LDPE nanocomposites
This paper presents a preliminary experimental activity aimed at investigating the behavior of low density poly ethylene (LDPE) nanocomposites in presence of electrical treeing. The outcome evidencesExpand
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Life prediction of XLPE subjected to distorted voltages in presence of bush-like electrical treeing
This work is aimed at investigating the effect of voltage harmonics on electrical treeing inside cross linked polyethylene (XLPE). The study focus on the partial discharge (PD) activity associated toExpand
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Influence of semi-crystalline morphology on the electrical breakdown properties of sPP based materials
The influence of semi-crystalline morphology on the electrical breakdown strength of syndiotactic polypropylene (sPP) based materials is investigated. Different sPP samples (with varying molecularExpand
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Comparison among the PD resistance behavior of different enameled wires when subjected to PWM voltage
The electrical machines and in particular the electrical motors used in industrial applications are more and more often supplied by inverter drives, such as IGBT, so that the insulating organicExpand
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Measuring partial discharges under pulsed voltage conditions
Partial Discharges (PDs) measurement deserves a specific study when in the presence of fast rising/falling voltages, as the output of IGBT switching devices. In such operating conditions, the choiceExpand
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The development of electrical treeing in LDPE and its nanocomposites with spherical silica and fibrous and laminar silicates
Electrical treeing in LDPE and three LDPE nanocomposites, with spherical silica and fibrous and laminar phyllosilicates, has been studied. Electrical tests were performed at a 50 Hz frequency andExpand
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Partial discharge activity in presence of pulsed waveforms
Partial discharge (PD) measurements can be a very powerful tool for the condition assessment of electrical insulation systems. When applied to rotating machines or winding insulation mock-ups, ifExpand
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