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Prevalence of intestinal parasites of dogs slaughtered at Mami market area, Sokoto, Nigeria
A parasitological study was carried on faecal samples obtained from intestinal segments of dogs killed for human consumption at Mami Market Area, Sokoto, Nigeria, finding that 72.5% of the samples were positive for one form of parasite or another comprising of fifteen different parasite species.
Some comparative gross and morphometrical studies on the gastrointestinal tract in pigeon (Columbia livia) and Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica).
The knowledge will not only add to literatures in these bird types but which will also aid in understanding their biology and mode of domestication as well as being useful for poultry pathologists and clinician, more especially when carrying out postmortem examination.
Cryptorchidism in Mammals: A Review
Cryptorchidism is seen more often in horses, cats, dogs, and pigs and rare in ruminant and can be controlled by complete castration or culling of the affected animal.
Cockle Shell-Derived Calcium Carbonate (Aragonite) Nanoparticles: A Dynamite to Nanomedicine
Cockle shell is an external covering of small, salt water edible clams (Anadara granosa) that dwells in coastal area. This abundant biomaterial is hard, cheap and readily available with high content
Modified methods of nanoparticles synthesis in pH-sensitive nano-carriers production for doxorubicin delivery on MCF-7 breast cancer cell line
The modified method of NPs synthesis suggests the tremendous potential of the NPs as pH-sensitive nano-carriers in cancer management because of their pH targeting ability toward cancerous cells.
Development of cockleshell (Anadara granosa) derived CaCO3 nanoparticle for doxorubicin delivery
Despite the progress made in cancer treatment, difficulties are encountered with tumour targeting due to cancer structural complexity. The synthesis of homogenous calcium carbonate (CaCO3)
Evaluation of in vitro release kinetics and mechanisms of curcumin-loaded cockle shell-derived calcium carbonate nanoparticles
Introduction: Curcumin has remarkable pharmacological activities but remains clinically constrained due to its poor bioavailability as a result of insolubility. This has necessitated the search for
Histology and Histometric Anatomy of the Male Reproductive System of Bat (Eidolon helvum)
This work has documented the histology of the male reproductive system in bats, and ultrastructure and histochemistry are recommended for further insight into the reproductive biology.
Ectoparasites and haemoparasites of chickens in sokoto, northwestern Nigeria
The occurrence of the parasites was significantly influenced by production system being significantly higher in the free range system than the commercial system of production (p< 0.0001).
Morphological Studies on Epididymis and Vas Deferens of One - Humped Camel Bull ( Camelus dromedaries ), Uda Ram and Red Sokoto Buck
Although results show that the studied animals are different ruminant species they exhibits some similarities and interesting morphological differences in epididymis and vas deferens compared to the majority of mammals, the basic morphological characterizations done are important for future studies, such as comparison with other species of ruminants.