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Checklist of the bryophytes of Tamil Nadu, India
The checklist reports 712 taxa of bryophytes from Tamil Nadu, India, comprising 211 taxa in 56 genera and 32 families of liverworts, 8 taxa in 4 genera and 2 families of hornworts, and 493 taxa inExpand
The Erpodiaceae (Bryophyta: Isobryales) of India
Three genera, viz., Aulacopilum, Erpodium and Solmsiella are recognized in the moss family Erpodiaceae. Aulacopilum and Erpodium have 2 species each while Solmsiella has only one. AulacopilumExpand
Cheilolejeunea trapezia (Nees) Kachroo & R.M. Schust. ex Mizut. var. ceylanica (Gottsche) A.E.D. Daniels & K.C. Kariyappa comb. et stat. nov. (Lejeuneaceae) from India
It is found that the species Cheilolejeunea ceylanica falls within the circumscription of the polymorphic C. trapezia. The only tenable character that distinguishes the former and the latter is theExpand
Bryophyte diversity along a gradient of human disturbance in the southern Western Ghats.
Evergreen forests, degraded evergreen forests, clove and rubber plantations were sampled for bryophyte species diversity in the Southern Western Ghats. Evergreen forests have the highest diversityExpand
On the occurrence of Calycularia crispula Mitt. (Calyculariaceae) in the Western Ghats, India
The liverwort Calycularia crispula is added here to the liverwort flora of the Western Ghats in Peninsular India. A brief description with illustration is provided.
Indopottia zanderi (Bryophyta, Pottiaceae) gen. et sp. nov. from the Western Ghats of India
Abstract Indopottia zanderi, a new genus and species of the Pottiaceae, is described from the Silent Valley National Park in the Western Ghats in Peninsular India. The distinctive features ofExpand
The liverworts Cololejeunea distalopapillata and C. vidaliana , earlier known to be distributed in Africa and, Africa and certain regions of Asia, respectively, are added to the Indian bryoflora fromExpand
The Australian Spruceanthus thozetianus (Hepaticae: Lejeuneaceae) discovered in the Western Ghats of India
Spruceanthus thozetianus , known to be distributed only in Australia so far, is recorded here for India from the southern Western Ghats. A detailed description with information on capsule and sporesExpand
Circumscription of the polymorphic Cololejeunea lanciloba steph. (Lejeuneaceae, Hepaticae) and species falling within it
It is concluded that Cololejeunea lanciloba is a highly polymorphic species. As C. kashyapii, C. latilobula and C. udarii are found conspecific with it, they are reduced to synonyms. The descriptionExpand
Liverworts new to the Eastern Ghats from Kolli Hills
The liverworts Lejeunea discreta, L. obscura, L. tuberculosa and Microlejeunea punctiformis are found to be new records and are added here to the liverwort flora of the Eastern Ghats. GenusExpand